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Plants - Astrology and Mythology

Plants seen from an astrological perspective. See how zodiac signs and plants (trees, shrubs, herbs, crawlers, bulbs, vegetables, annuals, fruits and nuts) are connected.

The myths sourrounding the plants and the facts revealed, their medicinal properties give a flavour to your basic need from mother nature.

How Plants are connected with the Planets ?


• Herbs like agrimony, dill, caraway, elecampane, fennel, fenugreek, horehound, lavender, marjoram, oregano, parsley are ruled by the planet Mercury.

•  Mercury rules hrubs like devils claw, hazelnut, honey suckle, licorice, myrtle, savory, vitex.

• Trees like iron wood, mulberry are linked to the planet Mercury.


HERBS herbs TREES trees
SHRUBS shrubs CLIMBERS climbers
TUBERS Tubers BULBS bulbs


fruits FRUITS flowers flowers
grains shrubs spices climbers
vegetables Tubers


• Herbs like Daisy, alkanet, dog rose, elderberry, feverfew, lady mantle, mother wort, pennyroyal, plantain, tansy, thyme, uvaursi, vervain, violet, periwinkle, yarrow.

• Shrubs like alder, camelia, ephedra, fuchsia, raspberry.

• Trees like birch tree, guaiacum, peach tree, sycamore, mango tree, neem tree., cherry.


• Herbs like Basil, agrimony, garlic, mustard, nettle, thistle, wild indigo, wild lettuce, worm wood.

• Shrubs like andrographis, barberry, broom, gooseberry.

• Trees like alder-buckthorn, camphor, hawthorn, hop tree, jamiaca pepper, jujube berry, thuja, pine tree.


• Herbs like dandelion, hyssop, lemon-balm, meadowsweet, mondara, ox-tongue, sage.

• Shrubs like bilberry, calycanthus, fig, jasmine, tea, thornapple, wintergreen.

• Trees like cajeurio, chestnut, date palm tree, fir tree, gospal tree, guava tree, indian tree, jambul, lemon tree,linden tree, maple tree, magnolio tree., Teak tree.


• Herbs likeagrimony, arnica, belladona, blue bottle, cannabis, fumitory, gravel root, henbane, horsetail, knapweed, knotgrass, safflower.

• Shrubs like andrographis, coca, guelder rose, ignatius, quince, solomons seal.

• Trees like almonds, balm of gilead, elm slippery, ginkgo, holly tree, peepal tree., olive tree.


• Shrubs like paraguay.

• Trees like coffee, eucalyptus, johns bread, kentucky-coffee, kola nut.


• Trees like benzoin.


• Shrubs like bougainvillea, damiana, epimedium.

• Trees like sandalwood.

The Moon

• Herbs likeirish moss, orpine, water cress.

• Shrubs like abilia, andrographis, ceanothus, embelia, dog wood.

• Trees like acai, doves tree, fringe tree, japanese tree, mahogany.

The Sun

• Herbs likeangelica, calendula, celandine, eye bright, juniper, lovage, rosemary, rue, st-johns-wort, palm.

• Shrubs like bayberry, cercocarpus, laurel.

• Trees like ash tree, black walnut, dragons blood, frankincense, walnut.

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