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Russell Crowe - An Aries


Russell Crowe celebrity
Profession - Actor
Date of Birth - 7th April, 1964
Place of Birth- Wellington, Australia
Chinese Sign - Dragon
Feng Shui Element - Wood

Astro Report

Russell Crowe was awarded an Oscar for his role as a leading actor in Gladiator,.

The Sun in Aries makes Russell energetic and direct, with a strong sense of individuality; he enjoys a challenge and initiating action; he hates giving up and needs to learn patience and moderation. Russell is adventurous and enthusiastic. He tends to fall in love at first sight and can win hearts easily.

Three planets in Russell's 10th House stresses his need for worldly achievement and recognition, and a desire to be in control of his life.

The Mercury-Pluto Trine in Russell's chart means that very sensitive areas of conversation that might intimidate most dont bother him at all. He always perseveres and keeps right on investigating. He is expert at getting straight to the heart of things and would make a superb sleuth or researcher.

Russell can easily see through people and situations and is a convincing talker, skilled in the art of suggestion; he has a fine sense of critical judgement and enjoys intellectual tests of strength.

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