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Dr.Martin Luther King - A Capricorn


Martin Luther celebrity astrology
Profession - Civil Rights Leader of USA
Date of Birth - Date of Birth- 15th January, 1929
Place of Birth - Atlanta, USA
Chinese Sign - Snake
Feng Shui Element - Earth

Astro- Report

Sun in Capricorn - That earthly and ambitious Capricorn nature was evident in his highly developed leadership and organizational skills. He had a quick and disciplined climb to the mountaintop.

Saturn in Sagittarius - Dr. King's natal Saturn was in Sagittarius , the sign of philosophy and religion, and the quest for truth and freedom. The planet Saturn in a natal chart reveals a person's most serious side, where he finds his discipline and self-control.

Mars in Gemini - Dr. King's natal Saturn is opposed by the macho planet Mars in the communicative sign of Gemini, lending force to his voice and his dreams.The Saturn-Mars opposition is often found in the charts of military leaders and athletes. Dr. King led the civil rights battle from the front lines, a peoples' general in the fight for peace.

Moon in Pisces - The t- square (a tense configuration formed by one planet at a right angle to two opposing planets) between that Saturn-Mars opposition and his Moon in Pisces , the spiritual water sign where we also find hisVenus , mirrors his unique, loving style of conflict resolution.Venus rules, or is associated with Taurus , the sign on King's Ascendant.

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