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Elvis Presley - A Capricorn


Elvis Presley celebrity astrology
Profession -Singer, Actor
Date of Birth - 8, January, 1935
Place of Birth - Tupelo, Mississippi
Chinese Sign - Bull
Feng Shui Element - Fire

Numerology Report

Foundation number - This number is calculated by the addition of all the numbers present in your birthdate. It represents the foundation upon which your destiny in this world lies. His Foundation number is 9. You are a humanitarian, a universalist who thinks in abstract terms. Born for service to others, you want to make the world a better place in which to live. You must share your wisdom to enlighten the world.This is a powerful mind number and indicates a constant responsibility among those who possess it. You are far more suited to art than science, to humanitarian rather than to commercial pursuits.

Some appropriate vocations for a Foundation 9 are, welfare, educational systems as counsellors more than teachers and healing professions. Foundation 9's generally don't excel as senior business executives because their ideals often get in the way of the practicalities of the job.

Soul Urge Number - Soul Urge Number has been calculated from the numerical value of the vowels in your name.It represents your inner feelings and the more subtle aspects of your spiritual sensitivities and your inner strengths. His Soul urge Number is 5. This number implies that you have a deep emotional nature that continually needs to find expression and recognition.

Elvis Prelsey's Outer Expression Number is 8 This Number suggests you possess a strong desire for independent expression. You usually act individualistically, to the extent that you dare to be different if the need demands it. In this manner you assert your strong personality.

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