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Jackie Chan - An Aries


Tom Hanks celebrity astrology
Profession - Martial Artist
Date of Birth - 7th April, 1954
Place of Birth - Hong Kong
Chinese Sign - Horse
Feng Shui Element - Wood

Astro- Report

Aries is the sign of the daredevil and the fighter (martial artist). Aries, represented by the ram in astrology, likes to leap without looking, would rather shoot first and ask questions later and acts on impulse. The sign is known for its fearlessness and bravery, and Jackie is something of a legend in the movie world, having performed lots of stunts .

Jackie's Sun is part of an astrological configuration known as a fire grand trine. A grand trine is a three-planet formation known for its good luck because it includes three planets all in harmony and all supporting each other. In a horoscope they form what can be thought of as a golden triangle. When the grand trine occurs in a fire sign, the emphasis is on pure energy and action. Jackie's Aries Sun is put into hyperdrive by Mars, the action planet, in risk-taking, and usually lucky, Sagittarius, and given added power by Pluto, the Superman planet, in Leo.

The Aries Sun is full of courage and is always anxious to prove he's as brave as he thinks he is. Mars in Sagittarius provides two very helpful elements to Jackie's personality. . Sagittarius knows how to make you laugh. The second element is an unusual kind of foresight-the ability to produce an outcome by thinking of it beforehand.

The third part of the grand trine is formed by Pluto in Leo. Pluto is known as a generational planet, and in Leo it represents the generation that has a great desire for the limelightto be a star.

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