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Yasser Arafat - A Leo


Yasser Arafat - politician palestine
Profession -Palestinian Leader
Date of Birth- 4th August, 1929
Place of Birth- Jerusalem
Chinese Sign - Snake
Feng Shui Element- Earth

Astro- Report

One of seven children of a wealthy merchant, Arafat is related on his mother's side to the Husseini family, a prominent Sunni Muslim family in Jerusalem. He and his wife, Suha, whom he married in the late 1980s, have one daughter, Zahwa.

Sun-Neptune conjunction in Virgo in the second house describes Arafat's need to "earth" an identity myth through tireless publicity.

Pluto- Venus conjunction sextiled by an 11th house exalted Taurus Moon indicates Arafat's obsessive drive to negotiate the establishment of a Palestinian State.

Mars in Libra, applies to a conjunction with the 4th house cusp where the matter of a Palestinian Sate ends or resolves. Mars is in fall, as it is the ruler of Aries, the sign opposite Libra. It opposes Arafat's Uranus-Pallas conjunction in his 10th house. Mars opposite Uranus is a classic terrorist/explosive aspect.

Saturn in Sagittarius -Like Saddam Hussein, Arafat has Saturn in "Jihad" Sagittarius in wide opposition to Jupiter in Gemini. Jupiter, in the opposite sign of its rulership, is in fall, thus damaging the manner in which Jupiter can "live up" to its highest ideals and manifest potentials for the highest common good. More unfortunate for Arafat is that Saturn is in his 6th house. It is further a danger to Arafat's health and life.

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