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Eminem - A Libra


Eminem celebrity astrology
Profession - Rap Singer
Date of Birth - 17th October, 1972
Place of Birth - Kansas, Missouri, USA
Chinese Sign - Rat
Feng Shui Element - Water

Astro- Report

The Sun in Libra makes Eminem gregarious and considerate, with a strong social sense. Yearning to please and be pleased, he recoils from injustice and disharmony.

Procrastination comes naturally to Eminem because he has the ability to see every point of view, and dislikes taking sides in an argument. Although he has considerable physical energy, Eminem can sometimes be accused of laziness . He is a great romantic and is vulnerable when in a partnership.

The Sun-Moon-Saturn Grand Trine in Eminem's chart signifies an abundance of free-flowing energy that finds its expression through natural-born talents and aptitudes.

But, benign though these energies are, they can be something of a mixed blessing. The reason for this is that the abilities indicated by the planets in aspect come so naturally that, unless there are challenging aspects tapping into the Grand Trine, you have little motivation to develop them further. Eminem's Grand Trine falls in Air signs, which suggests that he has a natural facility for learning and thinking which, if properly harnessed, can produce original ideas.

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