Ben Affleck - A Leo


Ben Affleck - celebrity leo
Profession - Actor
Date of Birth- 15th August, 1972
Place of Birth- Berkeley, California.
Chinese Sign - Rat
Feng Shui Element - Water

Astro - Report

The Sun in Leo makes Ben warm and generous, with a flair for dramatisation. Ben dislikes authority and being ignored, and needs to learn to soften his pride and accept criticism. Ben has the strongest creative urge of all the Sun signs, and this must be expressed either practically or artistically like writing or acting.

He is full of vitality and will be frustrated and unhappy if unable to express his creativity. Ben can be surprisingly sensitive and easily hurt. Infidelity strikes not merely at his heart but at his sense of self-assurance.

The The Sun-Mars conjunction in Ben's chart makes him a forceful, powerful person and it is important that all his positive energy is positively channelled. He has strong emotional energy and, as the planets are in a Watery sign, the energy may be expressed through devotion to a good cause or an ideal. At times Ben can be selfish and because Mars rules Aries, the Arien will to win is likely to show itself.

Daring and bravery are very common, often to the point of heroism, but Ben should make sure that risk-taking is not foolhardiness.

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