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Marilyn Monroe - A Gemini


Marilyn Monroe  celebrity astrology
Profession - Actress
Date of Birth - 1st June, 1926
Place of Birth - Los Angeles, California, USA.
Chinese Sign- Tiger
Feng Shui Element- Fire

Astro- Report

Marilyn Monroe (professional name of Norma Jean Mortenson) was exploited in a number of minor film roles beginning in 1948. In her private life, Monroe was married to the baseball player Joe DiMaggio and later to the playwright Arthur Miller, and was reputed to have had affairs with the Kennedy brothers, John and Robert.

Her suicide, from an overdose of sleeping pills, was attributed to the pressures of the film world.

The Sun in Gemini made Marilyn alert and communicative, with a capacity for learning. Thriving on variety and novelty, she resented mental drudgery. Marilyn had a very quick intellect fired by curiosity and a rational mind, and her strong sense of logic enabled her to grasp the elements of a situation or subject quickly.

The positive Sun-Ascendant aspect in Marilyn's chart indicates that she was a radiant personality, with a strong measure of self-belief and charm. She sought to be master of her own destiny and was motivated by a need to be seen as special.

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