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Steffi Graf - A Gemini


Steffi Graf celebrity astrology
Profession - Tennis Player
Date of Birth - 14th June, 1969
Place of Birth - Bruhl, Germany
Chinese Sign - Hen
Feng Shui Element - Earth

Astro- Report

The Sun in Gemini indicates that Steffi is alert and communicative. Thriving on variety and novelty, she resents mental drudgery. Steffi needs to learn the value of commitment. She has a talent for communication, and journalism would be an ideal occupation for her. She tends to have a very quick intellect fired by curiosity and a rational mind, and her strong sense of logic enables her to grasp the elements of a situation or subject quickly.

The Venus-Saturn conjunction in Taurus indicates that Steffi is fairly shy and her affections are severely inhibited as a result. Personal relationships are sometimes hard to sustain and in her love life there may be disappointments.

The Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo in her chart indicates that Steffi has enormous vitality, with a highly original mind. She is forward-looking, humanitarian and benevolent. Seven planets in Mutable signs suggests that Steffi has a tendency to dissipate her energies through a scatter-gun approach to life. She is an essentially restless spirit who needs a sense of direction in order to translate her many talents into concrete achievements.

Few planets in Fire and Water signs suggests that Steffi tends to be more pragmatic than passionate. She often suffers from low vitality and has a tendency to despondency, caving in easily in the face of adversity.

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