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Vladimir Putin - A Libra


Vladimir Putin celebrity astrology
Profession - Premier of Soviet Russia
Date of Birth - 7th October, 1952
Place of Birth - Moscow, Soviet Russia
Chinese Sign - Dragon
Feng Shui Element - Water

Numerology Report

His birthdate total is 7 - Your life path number 7 means that your destiny lies with the mental and the spiritual. A certain solitude is necessary for your development. Don't be aggressinve. Instead let opportunities come to you. It is important that you specialise in a scientific or philosophical field.

The vowel total of your name is 4 - The vowel total tells what you want out of life. With 4 as a motivation number you need to lead an ordely life.The basic cretierion in your life is practicality.Whatever you do must have a reason and a payoff. You value your home and job and take pride in them.

The first vowel in your name is " a" - This implies that you are courageous and daring and has the soul of a great warrior.You want to be in the frontline always but that is not possible always. You leap without looking and that ought to be avoided.

Your impression number is 11 - Your consonant total called the impression number is 11.In your loftier moments you dream of creating a new way of life. You are nervous but dramatic and brilliant.

Your Expression number is 6 - this is the total of the letters of your name.The number 6 helps you to sort out the lives of other people.You have a logical solution to every problem .You make an excellent parent and lover.

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