Harrison Ford - A Cancer


Harrison Ford celebrity astrology
Profession - Actor
Date of Birth - 9th July, 1956
Place of Birth -Concord, California, USA
Chinese Sign - Monkey
Feng Shui Element - Fire

Astro - Report

The Sun in Cancer makes Harrison emotional and intuitive, with a strong sense of personal achievement. He loves familiarity and dislikes confrontation and emotional quagmires Kindness and caring are strong traits, and his instinct and intuition are sharp.

Harrison's chart is in the shape of a "Bundle" whereby all the planets are grouped within one third of the chart, forming several conjunctions. Although rare, this shape reflects a narrowness of vision and experience. . This shape describes a specialist in his field or, negatively, an obsessive personality. Harrison can be a highly effective operative in his limited field of experience.

The Sun-Moon conjunction in Cancer in his 10th House indicates that Harrison is a self-contained character with his will and emotions firmly in balance at best this creates an aura of self-assurance that others respond positively to.

The Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in Cancer in his 9th House bestows great intellectual potential and a passion for travel. He loves his home and family, but is also devoted to humanitarian action in general. The Saturn-Uranus conjunction in Gemini, spanning his 8th and 9th Houses indicates that Harrison is cautious to reform. His is a forceful, authoritative personality, showing great will power in the face of opposition, and having the strength of character to face and overcome his inhibitions.

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