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David Becham / Beckham - A Taurus

Taurus zodiac sign astrology

David Becham celebrity taurus
Profession - Football Player
Date of Birth - 2nd May, 1975
Place of Birth - Leytonstone, London
Chinese Sign - Rabbit
Feng Shui Element - Wood

Astro- Report

The Sun in Taurus indicates that David Beckham is patient and determined, with a lusty physical appetite; he values stability and possessions and dislikes upheaval and being rushed; he needs to learn to be more adaptable.

David likes to build a home in which he feels secure, and he prefers to work in a stable environment. Ruled by Venus, David has strong aesthetic tastes and likes to create beautiful surroundings.David is a considerate lover who enjoys sensual pleasure, but he can regard a lover as a possession, and jealousy can threaten the most secure partnership. His ambition for a comfortable home can be so strong that he may neglect his partner in his eagerness to earn a sufficient income. As a child he was usually happy and content, but needed routine.

The Venus-Mars Square in his chart indicates a tendency to be somewhat taciturn and reserved; perhaps a little too prudent. David has a fear of letting go that may manifest as an apparent lack of emotion.

He doesn't always like what he is feeling, or own up to it. Passion is increased and the attitude to love enlivened by this aspect.

Two planets in David's natal 10th House indicates that he hungers for worldly achievement and recognition, and has a desire to be in control of his life.

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