Julia Roberts - A Scorpio


Julia Roberts celebrity astrology
Profession - Actress
Date of Birth - 28th October, 1967
Place of Birth- Smyrna, Georgia, USA
Chinese Sign - Goat
Feng Shui Element - Fire

Astro - Report

Sun in Scorpio - Julia is determined, sexy and mysterious. She may be hard to get to know, since she keeps her secrets close and often has ulterior motives. Furthermore, the Virgo influence in her chart combines with her Scorpio Sun to make her even more guarded.

Moon in Leo - This softens things up for Julia . Leo's influence on her emotions makes her warm-hearted and generous with her affections. This placement also gives her a taste for being the centre of attention.

Mercury in Scorpio - Julia is intense and can't stand small talk. She yearns for understanding, and loves to probe issues fervently with someone who shares her passions. She doesn't take anything at face value.

Venus in Virgo - Julia has been picky when it comes to romance. She's looking for Mr Right and will play the field until she gets him. This strong Virgo influence makes Julia orderly, a good business-woman and extremely detail-oriented. Furthermore, her Venus in Virgo Conjunct Pluto and Uranus makes her even more intense than her Scorpio influence already allows.

Mars in Capricorn - Julia is likely to be supremely ambitious.She may appear casual about her career, but she's not. Her Mars in Capricorn challenges the self-doubt and lack of confidence, which results from her Saturn in Aries.

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