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Mel Gibson - A Capricorn


Mel Gobson celebrity astrology
Profession - Actor
Date of Birth - 3rd January, 1956
Place of Birth - Peekskill, New York.
Chinese Sign - Goat
Feng Shui Element - Wood

Astro- Report

Physically he appears to be quite energized - as if something was about to pop. This is particularly noticeable in his eyes, which have an intense, pointed quality - rather like a bird's. And they dart about rather than hold a fixed stare. However, all physical features can also be affected by other planetary positions, as any First House planets can.

Sun in Capricorn - His essential purpose in life is to establish a material position in the world that he regards as useful. In order to accomplish this he has an innate sense of ambition and organisation.

Moon in Virgo - His reigning need is to feel pure and that everything is in the right place. This predisposition of him leads to his having a well-ordered emotional life-style as, or when, he consistently weeds out influences that are detrimental to his well-being.

Moon allying with Mercury - He has no trouble in conveying his feelings with the written or spoken word. Consequently, he is well able to keep social situations flowing and relaxed with his ready wit and natural poise.

Capricorn at the Midheaven -His place in the world has very much to do with the conditions and tradition in which he was brought up. There is an unconscious tendency to accept or go for his prescribed lot - be it prince or pauper, tycoon or secretary. Careers that involve the building or maintenance of any kind structure can be suitable for him , whether it is an actual building, a corporation, or government - or dentistry.

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