Prince Harry - A Virgo


Prince Harry celebrity astrology
Profession - Prince of Wales
Date of Birth - 15th September, 1984
Place of Birth-London, Britain
Chinese Sign - Rat
Feng Shui Element - Wood

Astro - Report

Second son of the Prince and Princess of Wales and third in line to the throne is Prince Harry.

The Sun in Virgo means that Harry is conscientious and methodical, with a fine eye for detail. He loves to be of service and to create order Talkative, lively and

precise in conversation, he enjoys expressing himself economically and clearly. Harry will work hard to provide for his family, but should be careful not to neglect his partner or offspring. As a child Harry was naturally shy, and self-confidence was probably encouraged by his parents.

The Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in his 12th House indicates that Harry is possibly a spiritual person, although not necessarily linked to a conventional religion. His fantasy life is rich, and if there are few signs of practicality in his birth chart, Harry will have a tendency to daydream, sometimes to the extent that he accomplishes little in life.

The Sun-Mars Square in his chart signifies that Harry may tend to have trouble just relaxing and finds himself always on the go, doing things.The Sun/Mars aspect in Harry's chart signifies that overwork may lead to strain and tension, which will be expressed in sudden outbursts of anger.His dashing good looks (so reminiscent of his mother) have turned Harry into something of a heart-throb for many.

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