Faith Hill - A Virgo


Faith Hill
Profession - Singer
Date of Birth - September 21, 1967
Place of Birth - Jackson, Mississipii
Chinese Sign - Goat
Feng Shui Element - Fire

Faith Hill was one of the biggest female stars of the '90s.Hill began to succeed with live performance albums. Hill performed in the closing ceremonies of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta and at the Oscars. She was also voted as one of People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People in the World. Faith has appeared as a spokeswoman for Cover Girl cosmetics and in Pepsi commercials.

Astro - Report

The Sun in Virgo makes Faith Hill quite a focused, hard worker who's determined to put out the best she's capable of. Her Virgo's sense of purity would prevent her from compromising her talents by choosing material that doesn't reflect who she really is inside. Faith Hill, a perfectionist, puts forth a tremendous effort to get everything to sound just right even more than her fans would suspect, since once on stage, she makes it all look so easy.

The beautiful blonde Virgo with the powerful vocal pipes is certainly having the time of her life, career wise. The opportunities and accolades just keep a-coming for this talented and deserving artist.

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