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Catherine Zeta Jones - A Libra


Catherine Zeta Jones , actress libra astrology
Profession - Actress
Date of Birth - 25th September, 1969
Place of Birth - Swansea, Wales
Chinese Sign - Hen
Feng Shui Element - Earth

Astro- Report

Following several minor roles in England, Catherine Zeta-Jones burst onto the international film world in the Mark of Zorro and has never looked back.She shares the same birth date as her new husband, Michael Douglas.

The Sun in Libra makes Catherine gregarious and considerate, with a strong social sense. Yearning to please and be pleased, she recoils from injustice and disharmony - she therefore needs to learn to handle conflict firmly.

Procrastination comes naturally to Catherine because she has the ability to see every point of view, and dislikes taking sides in an argument. She is a great romantic and is vulnerable when in a partnership.

Four planets in Libra indicate Catherine's desire to get along with others and a love of style, beauty and sophistication.

Five planets in Catherine's 10th House stresses her need for worldly achievement and recognition, and a desire to be in control of her life.

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