Nicole Kidman - A Gemini


Nicole Kidman celebrity astrology
Profession - Actress
Date of Birth - 20th June, 1967
Place of Birth - Honolu, Hawaii, USA.
Chinese Sign - Goat
Feng Shui Element - Fire

Astro - Report

The Sun in Gemini her inquisitive manner and quick wit may be her trademarks. She needs variety.She may radiate an air of intelligence, and mostly enjoy people and situations which stimulate her mind. The old truth, "you are what you think," is especially clear to her, and she have the ability to shift her consciousness and create a whole new realm of life experience by first altering her mental focus.

Her Ascendant, or rising sign, is Virgo. through this influence, she may be somewhat the perfectionist in her appearance and may be most comfortable when she feels well-groomed. Others may view her as detail-oriented, which has its advantages.

The energy associated with her Ascendant is Mercury. With Mercury in Cancer, she may appear to be a good listener, and when she speaks her mind, the feeling behind what she says is difficult to ignore. Through the supportive connection between the Moon and Venus in trine aspect to one another, she expresses a quality of beauty, grace and emotional strength which is highly attractive. Her Moon is in the Gibbous Moon phase of the lunation cycle,indicating that she continually strives to reach her goals, and that she is definitely growth-oriented

She is a receptive thinker with Mercury in Cancer and can use her convictions and personal feelings about someone or something to her advantage when she needs to express her ideas.Her imagination and creativity enhances her intellectual development with Mercury in trine aspect to Neptune. She may be a gifted writer, artist, actress or photographer-- and whether or not she develops these talents, she has an excellent eye for that which is beautiful and enthralling.

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