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Tony Blair - A Taurus


Tony Blair - british prime minister taurus
Profession - Brtish Prime Minister
Date of Birth- 6th May, 1953
Place of Birth- Edinburgh, Scotland
Chinese Sign - Snake
Feng Shui Element - Water

Astro- Report

The Sun in Taurus indicates that Tony is patient and determined, with a lusty physical appetite; he values stability and possessions and dislikes upheaval and being rushed; he needs to learn to be more adaptable. Tony likes to build a home in which he feels secure, and he prefers to work in a stable environment. Ruled by Venus, Tony has strong aesthetic tastes and likes to create beautiful surroundings

Three planets in Tony's 10th House indicates that he hungers for worldly achievement and recognition, and has a desire to be in control of his life.

The Mars-Jupiter conjunction in his chart means that Tony is a plain-speaking person who knows where he is going and is determined to get there.

The Mercury-Uranus Square in Tony's chart shows that everyone can testify to his brilliant mind, but most would also find him somewhat erratic and unpredictable. He doesn't always have the follow-through he pretends to have. He tends to change his mind in the middle of a project and go rushing off in some new direction.He cannot bear to be wrong and will often bend the facts to fit his version of the truth.

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