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Prince Charles - A Scorpio


Prince Charles celebrity astrology
Profession - Prince of Wales
Date of Birth - 14th November, 1948
Place of Birth - London, Britain
Chinese Sign - Rat
Feng Shui Element - Earth

Astro- Report

First in the line of succession to the British throne, Charles became Prince of Wales in 1958 and was invested as such in 1969 at Caernarfon Castle on his coming of age. Charles and his troubled marriage had been a frequent target of international news media since he married Lady Diana Spencer in 1981.

The Sun in Scorpio makes Charles strong-willed and self-contained, with a talent for probing. Prizing loyalty and total involvement, he deplores indifference and superficiality - he needs to learn to be more open. Scorpios are regularly accused of being obsessively interested in sex. This arises from the fact that Scorpio rules the genitals.

The Venus-Neptune conjunction in his chart means that Charles tends to be romantic, idealistic and over-sensitive, and this too often leads to disappointment in love. This is most likely to be in the case as the conjunction falls in Libra - he has a strong appreciation of beauty in art and nature, and he has good taste. This conjunction can weaken the will to some degree and when Charles has a particular liking for something that might be bad for him, he finds it difficult to give up.

Four planets in Charles' 4th House suggests a highly personal approach to life, together with a strong need for privacy.

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