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Boris Yeltsin - An Aquarius


Boris Yeltsin celebrity astorlogy
Profession - Former Soviet Union Premier
Date of Birth - 1st February, 1931
Place of Birth- Sverdlovsk, Soviet Union
Chinese Sign - Goat
Feng Shui Element - Mettle

Astro Report Sun in Aquarius - Essentially, you're friendly and like people. But if the people are emotionally needy, then you need space. If there are confirming signals in other sections of this report, you can march to the beat of a different drummer. You can have an eccentric temperament and can be just a bit stubborn, unpredictable and contrary.

Moon in Cancer - Your emotional life is a driving force of your personality. You are more reflective, placid, receptive, sensitive and sensuous than most people. Your intuition is usually good.

Your day to day life is strongly dependent upon your moods.You're touchy and under stress you can withdraw. To cut back on stress and find emotional satisfaction you need good food, good shelter and good loving

Five Planets in Cardinal Signs - You like to start things and take the initiative. You have to act, but do not like to be told what to do. You are restless, energetic, driving, outgoing, opportunistic and ambitious.

You're full of primal energy and do not cope well with direct and constant supervision. You're suited for self-employment, or the kind of work where you are in charge.

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