J.K.Rowling - A Leo


J.K. Rowling celebrity astrology
Profession - Author of Harry Potter Books
Date of Birth - 31st July, 1965
Place of Birth- Bristol, England
Chinese Sign - Snake
Feng Shui Element - Wood

Astro - Report

Sun in Leo - Joanne Kathleen (J.K.) Rowling is a Leo, the sign traditionally associated with children and the joyful spiritedness they exude. J.K. is also the outstandingly successful author of the Harry Potter books, a most beloved series of heroic, magical adventures that have captured the hearts of childrenand even adultseverywhere.

Moon in Virgo - J.K. has several planets in hard-working but modest Virgo, most notably her Moon (emotional nature), Mercury (mental abilities) and Venus (social skills). These three planetary positions suggest an orderly, pragmatic thinker who has a keen love of rich detail. Her creative Leo side contributes an additional flair for the dramatic, making her stories seem larger-than-life and very attention-grabbing. Also joining her three planets in Virgo are Uranus and Plutotwo otherworldly influences that stimulate a taste for the surprising and the unusual (Uranus) as well as a curiosity about that which is dark, yet deeply engrossing in nature (Pluto).

Neptune in Scorpio - J.K. Rowling was also born with Neptune in Scorpio, making strong contact to three of her Virgo planets. Neptune enables a writer of fiction to create entire imaginary landscapes that are surreal and dreamlike, yet powerful enough to capture the readers full attention in a deeply absorbing manner.

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