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Agatha Christie - A Virgo

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Agatha Christie celebrity astrology virgo
Profession -Writer
Date of Birth- 15th September, 1890
Place of Birth-Torquay, England

Astro- Report

Sun in Virgo - Probably she was more practical and methodical than the average person.She was not prone to brag or boast and was able to handle money well.She was said to be cautious in matters of the heart. She liked to do things for people and tend to be more of a giver than a taker. However, she needed to be thanked.

Moon in Libra - She was naturally tactful and diplomatic. She was able to see all points of view. She could see another person's point of view as well as her own self interest. Altogether, she preferred to deal with pleasant realities.

When she was under too much emotional stress, she would vacillate and procrastinate, especially when it has something to do with money. After all, she was adaptable and she wanted to do the right thing and be fair.She responded to the spirit of fairness. She did some of your best work on a one on one basis. She could have been a professional peace maker.

Four planets in an Airy sign - Her mind was her most valuable asset;she could have be an intellectual. The world of ideas wasimportant to her. Intellectual companionship, seminars, books, magazines, films, and educational cassettes interested her . Feeding her mind is just as important as feeding her body.

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