Jennifer Aniston - An Aquarius


Jennifer Aniston
Profession - Actress
Date of Birth - 11, February, 1969
Place of Birth - Sherman Oaks, California.
Chinese Sign - Monkey
Feng Shui Element - Earth

Numerology Report

Foundation number - This number is calculated by the addition of all the numbers present in your birthdate. It represents the foundation upon which your destiny in this world lies. Her Foundation number is 11. You are one of the people who are best equipped to guide humanity into the emerging "Age of Awareness" for you are an evolved soul.

An especially high level of spirituality surrounds this Foundation Number and you have the wonderful opportunity for developing awareness of your higher self. 11 is one of the Master Numbers and you can draw upon the cosmic forces for inspiration and for aid in attaining enlightenment and even cosmic consciousness.

Soul Urge Number - Soul Urge Number has been calculated from the numerical value of the vowels in your name.It represents your inner feelings and the more subtle aspects of your spiritual sensitivities and your inner strengths. Jennifer Aniston's Soul urge Number is 10. This number implies that you possess an ability to utilise a wide range of Soul oriented energies. You have natural intuition, clairvoyance, thought transference and astral projection, gifts that will negate many of the limitations society places on its members to suppress the expression of human individuality.

Outer Expression Number - Your outer expression number has been calculated from the numerical value of the consonants of your name. It represents the Outer persona that you present to the world. Aniston's Outer Expression Number is 8.If any Number could be said to aid the acquisition of material wealth it is that of the Number 8, for it is influenced by the planet Saturn that has dominion over monetary matters. If you can learn to smile in the face of adversity, taking all obstacles in your stride and accepting restraint as a necessary proving ground, then you will succeed where others fail.

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