Robin Williams - A Cancer


Robin Williams celebrity astrology
Profession - Versatile Actor
Date of Birth - 21st, July, 1952
Place of Birth- Chicago, Illinois USA.
Chinese Sign - Dragon
Feng Shui Element - Water

Astrology Report

The Sun in Cancer makes Robin emotional and intuitive, with a strong sense of personal achievement. He loves familiarity and dislikes confrontation and emotional quagmires .He is a naturally caring partner and sensual lover. Robin's chart is in the shape of a "Bowl" whereby all the planets are grouped within one half of his chart.

Bowl people are said to be immensely self-contained and resourceful. But they also tend to be 'one-sided', so their life's challenge is to integrate the empty half of the chart. Robin's planets fall primarily above the horizon and to the left of his Midheaven, indicating that he tends to take an extroverted and objective approach to life, and he needs to establish social outlets for his personal initiatives.

The Sun-Venus conjunction in his 10th House encourages displays of love and affection.Venus increases the Sun's desire to love and be loved; at best, this means Robin understands the need to give and receive - both of which he accomplishes with grace and subtlety. With his romantic affectionate nature, Robin brings tact and harmony into all personal dealings.

The Sun-Moon conjunction in Cancer in his 10th House indicates that Robin was born near the time of the New Moon. It means that the Sun and Moon fall in the same House and Sign and the effect of this is to strengthen the typical Sun-sign traits. Robin is a self-contained character with his will and emotions firmly in balance - at best this creates an aura of self-assurance that others respond positively to.

The Mars-Jupiter opposition in his chart suggests that Robin may squander his money, tend to expand too rapidly, do too much. His feelings often run counter to the status quo or accepted norm, with the result that Robin may tend to be a bit of an outlaw. This could extend to his married life too, which might be somewhat unconventional. Jupiter's optimism and Mars' raw power combine to inflate Robin's self-belief - at worst this can lead to over-hasty actions .

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