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Hillary Clinton - A Scorpio


Hillary Clinton celebrity astrology
Profession -Wife of Bill Clinton, Democratic Candidate for US 2016 elections
Date of Birth - 26th October, 1947
Place of Birth- Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Chinese Sign - Pig
Feng Shui Element - Fire

Astro- Report

Married to America's 42nd President Bill Clinton, the once-First Lady is a qualified lawyer.

Hillary has Scorpio rising and this makes her quite intense, honest, loyal and sensitive to the core. More planets in fixed signs indicates that she would be very stubborn and would stick to her decisions come what may. The Ascendant house has Mercury which was retrograde pointing out that the native would be highly intelligent and well-spoken. As Mercury rules her 8th house she is one who would not be daunted by risks and challenges in life. Jupiter placed in the first house of Sagittarius would give her luck in life and also success in her endeavours.

The Sun in Scorpio - This intense, emotionally powerful sign usually provokes strong reactions, both positive and negative. Regardless of what is shown on the outside, she is ruled by her emotions as much as by her considerable intellect.

Seven planets in Fixed signs in her chart suggests that Hillary is unable to change when circumstances require. When this happens it is all too possible for her to become stubborn or willful.

Three planets in Libra shows Hillary's desire to get along with others and a love of style, beauty and sophistication. Three planets in Scorpio indicates that Hillary has a laser-like mind that can get to the heart of a problem, but she also has the tendency to mercilessly exploit other peoples weaknesses while giving little of herself away.

Three planets in Hillary's 7th House indicates her strong need for relationships and describes the qualities she brings into and receives from her close encounters.

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