Carmen Electra - A Taurus


Carmen Electra
Profession - Actress
Date of Birth - April 20, 1972
Place of Birth - Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Chinese Sign - Mouse
Feng Shui Element - Water

Carmen Electra was born in Cincinnati (Ohio) on April 20, 1972. At the age of 9, she was selected for the School for Creative and Performing Arts. In 1992, after meeting and auditioning for the Prince, Carmen was signed to his Paisley Park Records label. In 1995, Carmen reinvented herself and appeared on the Nickelodeon show "ALL THAT". In 2000 she played in a scary movie.

Astro - Report

Sagittarius rising gives Carmen her great body and looks and open, friendly personality. Moon in Leo gives her a desire to perform and be on stage. Sun in Taurus is her down to earth conventional inner self. Mercury in Aries gives her a quick, impatient mind, and an interest in acting. Venus and Mars in Gemini make her very versatile, changeable, communicative, and a total flirt.

Jupiter in Capricorn make her ambitious and economical with a tendency to use others. Saturn in Gemini makes her good with words and letters and teaching. Uranus in Libra gives much beauty and intelligence and a desire for free and open relationships. Neptune in Sagittarius is very idealistic. Pluto in Virgo makes her very extreme about work, diet, and education issues.

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