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George Clooney - A Taurus


George Clooney celebrity
Profession - Actor, Producer, Writer
Date of Birth - 6 May, 1961
Place of Birth - Lexington, Kentucky, USA
Chinese Sign - Bull
Feng Shui Element - Mettle

George Clooney was born in Lexington, Kentucky, and was raised in Augusta. George started work at age five, on his father's talk show, "The Nick Clooney Show". Clooney acted in series like the E/R , The Facts of Life , Roseanne , Sunset Beat , Baby Talk .

A first movie, at age 21, with Uncle Jose, And They're Off (1982) was never released, but the next few, Combat High (1986, TV) Return to Horror High (1987), and Return of the Killer Tomatoes (1988), unfortunately were. Clooney and fellow cast members took four consecutive Screen Actors' Guild ensemble awards, beginning in 1995.

In 1996 he appeared as a dashing robber/vampire slayer named Seth Gecko. He lent his voice to South Park in Bigger, Longer and Uncut (1999), and produced and starred in Fail Safe (2000, TV - Golden Globe nomination for Best Mini-series).

Astro- Report

With his Mercury also in Taurus (and Conjunct his Sun), Clooney is a straight shooter who says what he thinks. Since his Sun and Mercury are both Square Uranus, the Planet of Rebellion, Clooney is quick with a verbal comeback and may occasionally shock listeners with his candor.

His Venus, the Planet of Love, in fiery Aries makes Clooney a bit impetuous and possibly selfish in the game of love. Sun and Mercury in Taurus makes him a practical down to earth fellow who enjoys his possessions and comforts. Mars and Uranus in Leo gives him dramatic acting ability and flair.

Jupiter in Aquarius makes him a humanitarian and very independent fellow. Neptune in Scorpio gives him a strong interest in the sex and the occult and Pluto in Virgo gives him a strong interest in physical and environmental regeneration using natural means. Sun and Mercury in Taurus makes him a practical down to earth fellow who enjoys his possessions and comforts.

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