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Dennis Quaid - An Aries


Dennis Quaid
Profession - Actor, Singer, Songwriter
Date of Birth - 9 April 1954
Place of Birth - Houston, Texas, USA
Chinese Sign - Horse
Feng Shui Element - Wood

Dennis Quaid has evolved into one of Hollywood's most famed actors. Success in a 1974 college production of "Bus Stop" led him to head to Los Angeles and try his luck.Teaming with his brother Randy he played the outlaw Miller brothers in Walter Hill's Western "The Long Riders" (1980)

Quaid starred in three features released in 1993, the bizarre and confusing "Wilder Napalm", the precious "Thin Man" wannabe "Undercover Blues" and the murky but well-acted "Flesh and Bone".Quaid returned to the big screen in the surprise hit film "The Rookie" (2002).

Astro- Report

The Sun in Aries makes Dennis Quaid to start something new, to go where no one else has gone and to do what no one else has done. A great deal of his time is spent in the world of feelings, emotions and intuitions. Dennis Quaid usually reacts strongly to the emotional atmosphere of any given situation. Empathy, compassion and emotional rapport can be his strongest virtues.

The Moon in Cancer makes Dennis Quaid more reflective, placid, receptive, sensitive and sensuous. With this sign he will have a deep and complex emotional bond with his mother. Intangibles play a great role in Dennis Quaid's life.Because of his constant awareness of other peoples' emotions, he need to insure his privacy and to practice some form of daily prayer or meditation.

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