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Jennifer Anne Garner - An Aries


Jennifer Anne Garner
Profession - Actress
Date of Birth - April 17, 1972
Place of Birth - Houston, Texas, USA
Chinese Sign - Mouse
Feng Shui Element - Water

Jennifer Garner was born in Houston, Texas , in 1972. When she was very young, her family relocated to Charleston, WV, where she grew up. Garner was the second of three daughters, and early on developed an interest in ballet. Garner's work on Felicity helped win her a major supporting role on the television series "Time of Your Life".

Garner also appeared opposite her husband, Foley, in a supporting role in the independent drama "Rennie's Landing". Jennifer Garner was named one of People Magazine's 'Breakthrough Stars of 2001'. Named one of the 50 Most Beautiful People. In February of 2002, Jennifer was awarded the Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Drama.

Astro- Report

Jennifer Garner was born with her Sun in the warrior sign of Aries and her Mars in the multi-tasking, agile sign of Gemini. Venus, gives her tremendous sex appeal. Garner's on-screen talent for disguise can be attributed to her four planets in Gemini.

With Neptune, her specialty has become her changeability, easily shifting from mortal combat, to covert ops, to a gorgeous gown. Saturn is the ruler of his relationship patterns.With her Saturn located in the twelfth house of secret affairs, loyalty and stability are chronic problems.

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