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Donald Trump - A Gemini


Donald Trump
Profession - Businessman, Republican candidate for President of the US 2016 election
Time of Birth - : 09:51 AM, June 14, 1946
Place of Birth - Queens, New York, United States.
Chinese Sign - Dog
Feng Shui Element - Fire

Astro- Report

Donald Trump's birth chart is of the "Bowl Chart Type". It has Uranus as the leading planet. Hence he would have more Uranian influence being a rebel and a revolutionary.

Donald Trump has Uranus in conjunction with Sun and North Node in Gemini which is his tenth House. The North Node takes care of his destiny. With Uranus conjunct North Node, Donald is brilliant and original, but can also be eccentric and too rebellious and at times hilarious. As the Sun is involved in the conjunction, he might be a little selfish but also warm and generous. This placement also gives him a myriad opportunities in life.

Then his natal chart has Jupiter making a trine aspect to Uranus which would play a major role in his life. Jupiter trine Uranus is considered a good luck aspect. People with this aspect want to shake up society and to improve the lives of the natives.

Donald Trump has Venus and Saturn in quintile aspect to Neptune. This is a rare aspect and it makes Donald deeply compassionate, understanding and tolerant of different values and cultures. The Saturn quintile to Neptune is the closest aspect in his chart. So it would have a major impact on his life.

Sun and Uranus in Gemini

Donald is a Gemini by Sun sign, which is a dual sign. This reflects his two distinct sides, one his business personality with quick wits and the other one where he displays his gentle and warm personality. Uranus in association with Sun gives him an intellectual bent.

Moon in Sagittarius

Moon in Sagittarius makes Trump an adventure loving person always trying out new actions, and new businesses. His bold and fearless nature is best shown by this placement of the Moon.

Ascendant, Mars and Pluto in Leo

Trump's Ascendant, Mars and Pluto are all in the bold sign of Leo. This makes him bold, confident and loads of high energy. He is also quite friendly and likes to hog the limelight always. Mars in the house of Leo makes him quite aggressive and egoistic in nature. He would be able to defend his opinions always.

Mercury, Venus and Saturn in Cancer

His planet of communication namely, Mercury and the planet of love namely Venus are in the house of Cancer in his natal chart. This placement helps us to understand how well he communicates his messages across the board to the masses. Venus in Cancer brands him as a family guy who has great love and respect for his family. Saturn in Cancer however gives him occasional sense of fears regarding his personal and personal life.

Jupiter and Neptune in Libra

Jupiter posited in the sign of Libra is very good for Trump that he has much luck and fortune in store. He has a strong financial background to go with till the end. Jupiter in the house of Libra also makes him a good politician and diplomat who can take on politics in style.
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