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Christina Marie Aguilera - A Sagittarius


Christina MAaie Aguilera
Profession - Pop Singer
Date of Birth - 18, Dec 1980
Place of Birth - Staten Island, New York
Chinese Sign - Monkey
Feng Shui Element - Mettle

Christina Aguilera was born December 18, 1980, in Staten Island, New York. Christina is an accomplished entertainer and a star musician. She is the daughter of an Ecuadorian father, Fausto, and an Irish mother, Shelly. Christina began performing at age six in school talent shows, and at eight she appeared on "Star Search".

At the age of ten, she sang the National Anthem for the Pittsburgh Steelers. By twelve, she joined the star cast of "The New Mickey Mouse Club", appearing on the Orlando-based show. Christina's big break came with her first #1 single "Genie In A Bottle". She has also performed as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Astro- Report

Sagittarius is an exuberant fire sign, loaded with spunk, yet blessed with a generous, people-loving nature. Christina Aguilera with this sign gravitate toward the entertainment field, especially the music industry, they typically give their audiences unbridled, high-octane, spirited performances. Christina have no trouble kicking up her heels and turning out robust, athletic performances - and her adoring fans just eat it up!

Sagittarius rising with the Sun and Neptune give Christina a bright, cheerful, sexy, and glamorous appearance. Midheaven in Libra draws her to the arts and beauty professions. Moon in Capricorn makes her ambitious and successful and enduring. Sun in Sagittarius is a free and adventurous spirit with strong religious or spiritual leanings. Mercury in Sagittarius people speak their minds and are interested in travel and philosophy.

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