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Bob Marley - An Aquarius


Bob Marley
Profession - Musician
Date of Birth - February 6, 1945
Place of Birth - St Ann's Bay, Jamaica
Chinese Sign - Monkey
Feng Shui Element - Wood

Bob Marley's father was Welsh army officer Norval St. Clair Marley and his mother was black Jamaican grocer called Cedella Malcolm. Marley was a devout Rastafarian who saw the music as a vehicle to spread his message, for this reason he is regarded by many as a musical prophet. Marley was awarded the International Peace Medal by the African delegation to the United Nations in 1978.

He is father of Sharon, Cedella, Ziggy, Stephen, Stephanie, Julian, Makeda, Karen, Damian, Robbie, Ky-Mani and Rohan. Seven of his children are illegitimate, two are adopted. His posthumously released anthology collection "Legend" is one of the highest selling "greatest hits" recordings by a solo artist.

Astro- Report

Bob Marley's Sun in Aquarius is no surprise . Marley used his music as a voice to communicate his compassion for the poor and persecuted. Marley's Mars in Capricorn brings a steadying influence to his Aquarius Sun and fiery Aries Venus.

Bob Marley was also most likely an enthusiastic husband and lover. As an Aquarian, he sought a mate who reflected his own favorable qualities. The presence of Saturn in Cancer made him persistent despite obstacles. Marley was not one to ask for sympathy.

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