Alyssa Jayne Milano - A Sagittarius


Alyss Jayne Milano
Profession - Actress / Singer
Date of Birth - Dec 19, 1972
Place of Birth - Brooklyn, New York, USA
Chinese Sign - Mouse
Feng Shui Element- Water

Alyssa Milano was born in December of 1972 to Tom and Lin Milano. She has a younger brother Cory who has acted in some of Alyssa's movies. One of her first acting breaks was in the hit TV show "Who's the Boss?" with Tony Danza. She has acted along such actors as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Johnathan Silverman, John Candy, Will Smith, Sean Astin, and Christian Slater.

Alyssa's husband, Cinjun Tate, is the lead singer for the rock group, Remy Zero. The two films she acted, "Embrace of the Vampire" and "Poison Ivy 2" were considered soft porn in some sectors. Her role on "Melrose Place" brought her out to the public eye, once again and sent her career rebounding.

Astro- Report

Sun, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, and Ascendant are all in the house of Sagittarius in her natal chart making Alyssa Milano very typical of this sign. She is an attractive, cheerful, optimistic, do-gooder who wishes nothing but the best for both herself and others. Mercury makes her blunt, and philosophical, and a chatter. Venus gives her a love of nature, the outdoors, and spiritual activities like praying, meditation, church-activities and the like.

Neptune gives her and her generation a fascination for travel and spirituality and mysticism. Moon in Gemini is her sociable, intellectual, and flirtatious side. Mars in Scorpio faces sex and issues of death and regeneration head on. Jupiter in Capricorn makes her very ambitious and very economical.

Saturn in her house of Gemeni uses words and imformation to coerce or control others. Uranus in Libra wants exciting relationships with no strings attached. Pluto in Libra wants her to know absolutely everything about art, beauty, music, and relationships.

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