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Sophia Loren - A Virgo


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Profession - Actress
Date of Birth - 20th September, 1934
Place of Birth - Rome, Italy
Chinese Sign- Dog
Feng Shui Element- Wood

Astro- Report

The Sun in Virgo makes Sophia conscientious and methodical, with a fine eye for detail. She loves to be of service and to create order Talkative, lively and precise in conversation, Sophia enjoys expressing herself economically and clearly.She works hard to provide for her family, but should be careful not to neglect a partner.

The Moon-Saturn conjunction in Aquarius in Sophia's 3rd House, opposed by Mars is a strong focal point in her birth chart. Others soon learn how responsible Sophia is and that they can depend on her for real support. Sure, she is perhaps a little too organised and run more cool than hot, but she really does care and never lets her friends down.

The Venus-Neptune conjunction in Virgo in her 9th House indicates that Sophia tends to be romantic, idealistic and over-sensitive, and this too often leads to disappointment in love. She has a strong appreciation of beauty in art and nature, and probably has good taste, too. The conjunction can weaken the will to some degree and when Sophia has a particular liking for something that might be bad for her, such as rich food or alcohol, she finds it difficult to give up. Neptune refines the Venusian principle of erotic love, elevating it to the ultimate ecstatic experience.

The Jupiter-Uranus opposition indicates that Sophia can be restless and eccentric. Fleeting enthusiasms are embraced then quickly rejected, often after money has been spent on them. Sophia sometimes shows her contrary nature, being given to stubborn non-conformism or, paradoxically, staunchly upholding conventional values.

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