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* Astrology & Cancer October, 2007 Issue

Cancer disease and astrology, what is cancer, Sun and Moon in cancer, Pluto and Neptune relations with cancer, cancer cures, cancerous body parts ruled by sun signs, horoscope analysis of Lance Armstrong, forecasts for October 2007, auspicious times for October 2007,Libra sun sign, Libra gemstone,etc.

* Astrology & Weather September , 2007 Issue

Astrology and weather, astrometeorology, rain and rainbow forecasts,agriculture and astrometeorology, animal signs in weather froecasting, forecasts for September 2007, auspicious times for September 2007,eclipses of September 2007, etc.

* Astrology & Eclipses August , 2007 Issue

Astrology and eclipses, lunar eclipse, solar eclipse, oncoming elcipses, history of eclipses, the Saros series, eclipses and disasters, eclipse in teh houses, forecasts for August 2007, auspicious times for August 2007,etc.

* Relocation Astrology July , 2007 Issue

Relocation astrology, astrocartography, uses of relocation astrology,Jim Lewis contribution to relocation astrology,transcendantal lines, forecasts for July 2007, auscpicious times for July 2007 and much more...

* Esoteric Astrology April , 2007 Issue

Esoteric astrology, soul astrology, seven rays of esoteric studies, the rays in manifestation, essential oils in esoteric astrology, sacred and non-sacred planets, sun and earth in esoteric studies, forecasts for April 2007, auscpicious times for April 2007 and much more...

* Pluto in Astrology March , 2007 Issue

Pluto in Astrology, the demotion of Pluto, Pluto transit to Capricorn, Pluto in the Astrological houses, Pluto's Moon-Charon, Symbolisms of Pluto, forecasts for March 2007, etc.

* Astrology & Nakshatras February, 2007 Issue

what is a nakshtra, indian astrology and nakshatras,myths on nakshtras, animal signs and deities of nakshatras,naming based on nakshatras, how to find your naksahtra, forecast for February 2007, auspicious days,etc.

* Astrology & Science January, 2007 Issue

Is Astrology a science, the relation between astrology &science, scientists on Astrology, Astronomy and astrology, Einstein, Galileo, and Copernicus on Astrology, forecasts for January 2007, auspicious days for Jan 2007 and more....

* Christmas & Astrology December, 2006 Issue

The Astrology behind Christmas, birth of Jesus, the wisemen and the astrological star, manger in astrology, Mary as Virgin Virgo, NAtal chart details of Jesus, forecasts for December 2006, and much more...

* Music & Astrology November, 2006 Issue

Venus and Music, astrology &Music notes, music of the spheres, horoscope of celebrity musicians, planets and swaras, forecasts for November 2006, mercury transit of November 2006,etc

* Void of Course Moon September, 2006 Issue

what is void of course, moon phases, void of course in astrology, what to do during void of course, forecasts for September 2006, aspects of moon, eclipses,etc

* Electional Astrology August , 2006 Issue

Electional astrology for regular use, history of electional astrology, electional astrology for days of th week, planets in lectional astrology, role of Moon, Electional Versus horary Astrology,....

* Outer Planets in Astrology July, 2006 Issue

Outer planets in Astrology, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Pluto and their influence in our lives, transits of outer planets, ephemeris of outer planets..

* Asteroids and Astrology June, 2006 Issue

Asteroids in Astrology, Chiron, Ceres, Juno, Pallas Athena, Vesta, Eros and more.....

* Religions and Astrology May , 2006 Issue

The religious-astrology connection, christianity, hinduism, islam, buddhism, Zoroastrianism and their relation to Astrology,.....

* India Vedic Astrology April, 2006 Issue

Indian vedic astrology. Moon astrology, Moon compatibility chart and more..

* Health Astrology March, 2006 Issue

Houses and planets in ehalth astrology, medical astrology, diet astrology, bird flu and astrology, gemstone remedies, death Astrology.

* Mundane Astrology Special February, 2006 Issue

Houses in Mundane Astrology, Ingress, UAE country chart, Purpose of Mundane analysis, Saturn in Leo, Planets in Mundane Astrology.

* 2006 Astrology & Horoscopes January, 2006 Issue

2006 Astrology & Horoscopes for all sun signs, planets in 2006, market trends for 2006, 2006 eclipses...

* Planetary Transits December, 2005 Issue

Transits of inner and outer planets, transiting periods, viewing a transit...

* Astrology and Finance November, 2005 Issue

Finances of the zodiac, astrology and market forecasting.

* Astrology and Marriage October, 2005 Issue

Astrological rulers of marriage. Astrology and Marriage.

* Astrology and Travel September, 2005 Issue

Travel purposes as defined in Astrology. Astrology and travel.

* Violence and Astrology August, 2005 Issue

Astrological Factors - involved with violence, terrorism, psyhic behavior and more..

* Sports,Games & Astrology July, 2005 Issue

Astrology for Games and Sports. Astrological Rules for Winning or Losing a Game explained.

*Politics & Astrology June, 2005 Issue

Astrological condition to be a politician, Astrology and political timeline, learn about politics and sunsign, Astrology and political division explained.

* Education & Astrology May, 2005 Issue

Education & Astrology - Insights into education and astrological houses. Includes education and astrological yogas.

* Ephemeris Special April, 2005 Issue

Ephemeris - definition, types and history. Ephemeris for 200 years 1900 to 2100. Find how planets are positioned.

* Prophecy Special March, 2005 Issue

Prophecies of Nostradamus and their relevance now, prophecies of the Bible, prophecy and Numerology and the Ides of March.

* Valentine's Special February, 2005 Issue

May this Valentine be filled with love, understanding, and contentment as you journey through life with those you hold dear.

* Astrology & Natural Calamities January 2005 Issue

This newsletter is dedicated to the thousands of lives that perished in the Tsunami waves the natural calamity on 26th Dec, 2004.

* Baby Names December 2004 Issue

Baby Names and Numerology - What's in a baby's name? Find our some un-usual babynames. Tips of chosing a baby name and tips for parents too.

* Moon and Astrology November 2004 Issue

Moon and Astrology - Moon and its influence in women, children, horary astrology. Once in a blue moon, what is it ?

* Women's Astrology October 2004 Issue

Womens Astrology - Zodiac women and love. The moon, the women & their astrological nexus.

* Career Astrology September 2004 Issue

Career Astrology - which profession / business is ideal for you. Learn more...

* Astral Remedies August 2004 Issue

Astral Remedies - Plantes and their influence. Is astral remedy fruitful ?

* Compatibility July 2004 Issue

Compatibility and match making - Find how compatible you are with your dear

* Fengshui June 2004 Issue

Insights into Feng Shui - House keeping in Chinese Astrology

* Dreams Special May 2004 Issue

Insights into Dream Analysis, the Lucid Dreams and Interpretation

* NADI Astrologyy April 2004 Issue

NADI ASTROLOGY SPECIAL - Art of foretelling from palm leaves and thumb

* Horory Astrology March, 2004 Issue


* Tarot Special February 2004 Issue

TAROT SPECIAL - Tarot Card reading

* Divination Special January 2004 Issue

Divination Special.

* December 2003 Issue

Medical Astrology special.

* November 2003 Issue

History of horoscopes.. Eyes and Astrology and more..

* October 2003 Issue

Color Therapy? Life is color and color is health.

* September 2003 Issue

What is Chiron? What are natal charts? Find out more...

* August 2003 Issue

Had a glimpse of Mars? Know more of this celestial show..

* July 2003 Issue

Planning to set up a Garden? Have a look here....

* June 2003 Issue

Saddam's chart provides vital clue on his traits.....

* May 2003 Issue

Are Retrograde planets really that evil? Get more info..

*April 2003 First Issue

The Columbia crash- An astrological Analysis. Read on...