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Monthly Newsletter November 2004

The Scorpio Common Traits

Your Strengths:You are shrewd and sharp. You love to sharpen your mental skills.You make sure your loved ones are never uncomfortable. You expect complete trust and loyalty from them. You are possessive about your partner. Your sexual hormones work overtime.

Your Weaknesses: Your bite is worse than your bark.You never display your emotions easily. You never forgive nor forget. You never share your secrets. You tend to overindulge in food, sex and alcohol.

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Blue Moon is a second full moon occurring in the same calendar month.July 2004, had a full Moon on the 2nd and the other full moon called the Blue Moon that occurred on the 31st. The last Blue Moon occurred on November 30, 2001. Blue Moons shall occur in the years 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016....Some years shall have two Blue Moons. Such events occur once in 19 years.The short month of February that comes in between January and March is the key-factor behind this occurrence.

Birthday Bash

Wishing all "Scorpios" a happy birthday

birthday  - numerology

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SKY - November 2004

<< 14 September - New Moon >><< 28 September – Full Moon >>
Degree& Sign
Eastern time
Pacific Time
Merc Ingress November 4 00:00 Sagittarius 9:40 am 6:40 am
Saturn Retro
November 7-8 27:20 Cancer 1:54 am
10:54 pm
Mars Ingress Novem 10-11 00:00 Scorpio 12:11 am
9:11 pm
Uranus Direct November 11 02:52 Pisces 2:12 pm 11:12 am
Sun Ingress November 21 00:00 Sagittarius 6:22 pm 3:22 pm
Venus Ingress November 22 00:00 Scorpio 8:31 am 5:31 am
Mercury Retro
November 30 26:45 Sagittarius 7:17 am 4:17 am

Gemstones of Moon

Gemstones ruled by the Moon are natural pearl, white coral and moonstone. But pearl is the major one.Orange is the cosmic color transmitted by pearls and other Lunar gems. Flawless stones are required in order for Moon astral talismans to properly transmit beneficial Lunar energy.

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Moon's influence on Children

Out of the various phases of life, Moon rules infancy. Moon has an important role in molding the mentality and personality of a child born into the world.The Moon should be strong and well-placed for good overall development of youngsters.When the Sun, and the Ascendant are in harmony with Moon then it results in good physical and mental growth.

Sun-Moon aspect Good health, indomitable spirit, enterprising,
Mer-Moon aspect quickness of mind, sound reasoning, intelligence.
Venus-Moon aspect cultured mind, interest in arts, delicate features.
Jupiter-Moon aspect good health and growth, truthful, optimistic.
Saturn-Moon aspect Resistance to disease, hard working, patience.

The Moon and Women

The monthly menses in women is caused by the interrelationship between Mars and Moon.Moon denotes such watery discharges from the female body.The Moon symbolizes the feminine principles of receptivity, emotions, mother image, family and heredity.


November , 2004

India-better prospects, markets on steady course, provocation on external front.

Pakistan-violent tragedy provoked, reconstruction efforts, external trade improves.

North America- financial affairs restricted, negative effect on agriculture, mixed trends in politics.

South America- market leads affected, agriculture suffers.

Russia-general affairs suffer, financial prospects subdued.

West Asia -much strife and violence, peace efforts make no inroads.

China- financial performance lifts up, external trade good, public health suffers.

Japan- good performance in technology and administration, financial regime steady, weather turns turbulent.

Forecast (Nov 2004 ) - Zodiacs

Aries- birth of child in family, increased expenditure, loss to wealth, speculation creates problems, trouble from enemies, avoid travel.

Taurus- simple ailments likely, inflow of money, speculation succeeds, rivals retreat,property purchase possible, change of residence.

Gemini- guard against accidents, children cause losses, speculation fails, professional planning needed, take care of eyes, avoid new ventures.

Cancer- conjugal happiness affected, death of relative, loss of wealth, avoid speculation, career interests promoted, domestic tensions.

Leo- avoid picnics, financial stress, elevation in career, conjugal happiness threatened, curb unwanted expenditure, superiors helpful.

Virgo- pains and aches aplenty, disharmony causes tension, losses possible, change of portfolio, emotions need to be checked.

Libra- death of elder member in family, increased income, career meets hindrances, postpone new contracts, accidents possible, beware of enemies.

Scorpio- danger to life, uncontrolled expenses, loss through deceit or theft, change in position, friction with friends, hard work pays dividends.

Sagittarius- loss of respect, relief from ailments, reduced prosperity, some money inflow, speculation ruled out, partnerships progress, foreign travel alongside.

Capricorn- physical ailments, pious deeds likely, good income, expenses also increase, services progress well, postpone new ventures, health needs care.

Aquarius- love affairs succeed, inflow of wealth, speculation cannot help, failure in work, career promoted, health needs care, romance on the cards.

Pisces- avoid risky jobs, losses in finance, speculation turns disastrous, success in undertakings, avoid travel, health of spouse needs care.

Vastu Tips

Vaastu is a science which deals with the creation of a harmonious energy field within a built up structure. All the water-ice-steam related positions and motions on Earth are under the governorship of the Moon.The Moon Stream has direct relationship with the energy source directions - the North and the East. This stream promises all good things in life like, bliss, Peace, happiness, contentment, and tranquillity. Bathrooms and toilets and water sources in the house should be adjacent to the north- east corner.

 Your lucky stone(November- Scorpio)


topaz gemstone scorpio

Topaz is a stone that can be found in a variety of colors, depending on the proportions of water and fluorine impurities The most popular colors are blue and white.

Topaz is a stone with great healing powers. It controls anger, balances diseases of emotional origin, calms stress and restores physical energies, fights kidney and bladder disorders and prevents colds and tuberculosis. Brazil, and Sri Lanka are the major producer of precious topaz.


yellow, yellow, pinkish orange
Hardness 8.0
Refractive Index 1.61 – 1.63
Chemistry Aluminum Silicate Fluoride
Crystal Structure Orthorhombic

Astrological Meetings - 2004-(Worldwide)

27 - 28 November 2004 - Seventh international symposium of astrology in Zuerich, Switzerland.

Moon -Horary Astrology

Moon acts in horary Astrology as joker in a pack of cards. Moon in Ithasala with the Ascendant Lord or the significator shall push the matter faster to its conclusion.(Ithasala-a condition where a faster planet with less longitude is behind a slower planet with more longitude).The Moon is strong when it is waxing and in daytime. It also has strength when in the 2nd, 9th or 11th house.

Moon and Career

The 10th house in ones' horoscope is the significator for profession/career. About 90% of the people with Moon in their 10th house are found to be successful in their careers.It indicates agriculture, government services, water-related professions, shipping, brewing, vegetables, doctors, gynecology, travel departments.
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Void of Course of Moon??

When the moon is about to leave one zodiac house and does not have any major aspects with other planets before entering the next sign after its last major aspect in that sign to any other planet, then the Moon is said to be Void of Course.

This is a period of no activity and is unfit for major projects, ventures and activities. Any activity started during this condition brings no yield.

Moon in the Houses

These rules apply only for the case of the presence of moon alone in the houses. If moon is conjoined with other planets then the results shall vary.

Aries Independent bent of mind.
Taurus Moon is exalted and is welcome.
Gemini Alert, intellect and liberality.
Cancer Lover of home, sympathetic.
Leo Strong and aggressive, leadership.
Virgo Ambition to excel, very reserved.
Libra Popular, fond of pleasures, loves art.
Scorpio Blunt in speech, abrupt in manners.
Sagittarius Egoistic, study of religion &philosophy.
Capricorn Merciless, avaricious and miserly.
Aquarius Sociable, kind and courteous.
Pisces Fertile imagination, fond of dreaming.

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