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This site will hold your links/ banners and may also give a helping hand to promote your site by including your ads in the group's network sites.

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Advertisement of banner/text link :

* One page among the home page of 15 channels
--- 25 US$ p.m
* One page among the Sub-Domains home page
--- 50 US$ p.m
* One page among the premium-channel page
--- 50 US$ p.m
* Any one inner page (html page only) other than the above
--- 15 US$ p.m
* Horoscopes page
--- 25 US$ p.m
* Home Page (Text Link/small banner)
--- 200 US$ p.m
* Home Page (Text Link Paragraph/Big banner)
--- 300 US$ p.m
* One way permanent links at links page
Gambling, Psychic, Gaming, websites
--- 10 US$ p.m
* One way permanent links at links page 'Other' sites
--- 5 US$ p.m

Banner position : Page top / bottom (left or right side) depending on the page layout. can be discussed.
Banner /link size: (150 pix x 50 pix) / (150 x 150) / (468x60) / Text links / can be discussed.
Customised Ads requirement: including creation of inner pages. can be discussed.
Payment mode  : Through secured online credit card payment at PayPal available
Contract period : Minimum contract period of 6 months is required.
Site Content : Links to pornography /illegal sites will not be entertained. We reserve the right to accept or deny the advertisement presented to us.The space will be allotted on first come first served basis.

Depending upon the ad. campaign you choose, we will be giving a boost to your website by displaying your advertisement banner in our group websites free of cost (but this service is without any obligation) If the contract is cancelled inbetween the amount paid for advertisement will not be refunded. This is in line with our advertisement policy.

Email your requirement to us at [email protected]

Our Advertisement program is presently CLOSED!

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: 150,000 registered as on 1 Jan, 2011
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