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Monthly Newsletter March 2004

Pisces Common Traits

Your Strengths:

You Pisces surprise most with your mild nature. Sensitive and gentle, you make great buddies.You are content at being yourself and don't go aspiring for the impossible.

Your Weaknesses:

You specialize in escaping from the world. You shirk from responsibilities and hard work and are sometimes very lazy.You are stoic and entirely undependable, many a times incapable of perceiving reality.

What is Horary Astrology??

Horary Astrology is the branch of astrology which deals with answering questions put in by an individual to an Astrologer. By judging a horoscope erected for the moment the question is asked, he predicts.One of the differences between horary and other branches of Astrology is its reliance on a simple set of rules.

Pisces Horoscope

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Types of Astrology-

Predictive Astrology-This is concerned with making forecasts of future trends and possibilities.

Electional astrology- It is used to find out the suitable time for performing important tasks like a new job, marriage, major business deals, getting a new house,etc.

Horary Astrology- This is used to answer certain questions pertaining to life's day-to-day activities. It carries a binary answer.

Relocation Astrology-It is used to find or locate the apt place for residing, for career development,etc.

Natal astrology-This is the interpretation of an individual's horoscope. The horoscope reflects his inner qualities and the tracks of his life.

Mundane Astrology-This is related to the judging of horoscopes of nations.Synastry-This branch of astrology deals with the comparison of the horoscope of any two individuals. The study can be done for love, marriage, inter-personal and business relations.

Birthday Bash

Wishing all "Pisceans " a very happy birthday

astrology birthday

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How to Question a Horary Astrologer ?

More than one question should not be asked by the querent at the same time.
Do not ask the same question twice.
Take care not to allow alternatives in the question.
Ask only serious questions, else the Ascendant shall be in a cuspal degree.
Do not try to corner the Astrologer.
Feel free to supply relevant information regarding the query to the Astrologer if asked for.

Most questions can be answered with a simple yes or no type of answer. Applying major aspects, or their absence, between the ruler of the Ascendant house and the ruler of the house which is the main significator, the answer is arrived. The Moon which signifies time also plays an important role in the study.

Zodiac Forecast (March, 2004)

Aries- Success in all efforts, blood pressure problems long due marriages take off, finances prosper, new position in profession, auspicious function at home.

Taurus-corporates climb up, death in family, health of spouse needs care, increased expenses, speculation cannot help, bigger role in career.

Gemini- foreign trips likely, illness and obstacles in family, marriages bring cheer, avoid speculations, delay in undertakings or projects.

Cancer- inclination for charity works, pilgrimages possible, chronically ill suffer more, month is prone with ailments, finance brings joy, litigation fails.

Leo- Change of place likely, visit to holy places, love affairs flourish, heavy expenditure, good positions accrue to you, avoid conflict with authorities.

Virgo- personal safety comes under risk, short temper leads to problems, stomach troubles surface, money inflow not adequate, fresh ventures take off.

Libra- disappearance of rivals, tensions in family, birth of baby, urinary ailments cause discomfort, beware of losses, new position arrives,romance blooms.

Scorpio- change of job possible, pilgrimages likely, marital proposals take off, guard against nervous strains, financial gains, avoid increased expenditure.

Sagittarius- eyes need care, guard against wounds, change of residence likely, health of spouse needs care, unexpected income arrives, short travels.

Capricorn- pain of heart or abdomen needs attention, traveling causes hazards, speculation to be avoided, expenses increase, do not start new ventures.

Aquarius- unwed get married, wrath of authorities cause worry, relations with parents sour, deceit by a friend causes heartburn, important rival disappears.

Pisces- birth news brings happiness, health needs care, domestic happiness fades, wasteful expenditure to be avoided, social position draws rivalry, do not antagonize neighbors or colleagues.


 India- Market sentiments good, reprieve in financial front, bounty in agriculture, entertainment sector affected.

 Afghanistan- General conditions improve and secures external aid.

 Pakistan- problems in external front, internal tensions ease out.

 North America- terror threat continues, financial sector secure, foreign trade good.

 South America- threat to leadership, expansion of trade ties, financial turbulence.

 Russia- leadership faces challenge, tragic events likely, inflationary effect on economy.

 West Asia-stir provoked, large scale ethnic class violence, diplomatic stand off.

 Japan- trade promoted, communication makes strides, agricultural output affected.

Your lucky stone (March - Pisces)

Aquamarine Aquamarine

Aquamarine is a member of the Beryl family of stones such as Emerald. It means- "sea water".Aquamarine is very durable and well suited for jewelry. Aquamarine is said to have a soothing influence on married couples.We obtain the majority of our Aquamarine from Brazil and Africa. The majority of our African Aquamarine comes from the famous Santa Maria area.


Color Greenish Blue- Blue
Refractive Index 1.57 – 1.59
Chemistry Beryllium Alu Silicate
Hardness 7.5
Density 2.62-2.71
Crystal Group Hexagonal

Conferences coming...

**9 - 12 April 2004 - 8th
World Congress conference titled "Astrology Transcending Boundaries"-Basel, SWITZERLAND

**22 - 25 April 2004 -
Annual Conference: "An Astrologer's Retreat" organized by the Organization for Professional Astrology on Marco Island, Florida, USA.

Horary Chart

HORARY CHART is a symbolical description of the querent(person asking the query) at the time of the question, in particular - a description of the status of the question which has been asked. It is necessary to determine a time and a place for the chart.

TIME - This is the time when the astrologer gets the question .

PLACE - The place were the the astrologer is.

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Vastu Tips

THE UPPER FLOOR- There should be fewer windows and doors on the upper floors than on the lower ones. The ceiling height of the rooms on the upper floor should be less than the ceiling height of the rooms on the ground floor.

If only part of the upper floor is used, this part should be built in the southwest area. The balcony should be on the north, east, or northeast side. The balcony should not be in the southwest corner.Bedrooms and studies should be located on the upper floor.

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