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Monthly Newsletter April 2005

Aries Common Traits

Your Strengths: Arians are by nature independent.You make an excellent entrepreneur or a consultant. In love, you desire the best and want to be swept off your feet. Anyone or anything connected with speed and thrill attract you. You love life in a hurry.

Your Weaknesses: If you don't get what you are after, then people better beware of your temper. You can be loud and have a strong urge to be heard and noticed. Many rams don't marry, or marry very late and divorce is routine.

What is an Ephemeris?

Ephemeris is a table listing the position of one or more celestial bodies or planets for each day of the year. The ephemeris is issued well in advance of the dates covered and contains such information as the daily right ascension and declination of the sun, moon, planets, and other celestial bodies, and daily data on the sunrise, sunset, moonrise, and moonset. By international agreement the basic calculations of astronomical ephemerides are shared among a number of countries including France, Germany, Spain, and Russia. Ephemeris is pronounced as (ee-FEM-ur-is). The ephemeris for an object in the sky is a listing of the celestial coordinates pinpointing the object's location at a particular time as it moves in the sky.

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History of Ephemeris The French publication Connaissance de Temps is the oldest of the national astronomical ephemerides, founded in 1679. The Nautical Almanac and Astronomical Ephemeris was published by the British Royal Observatory at Greenwich since 1767 and it had a good compilation of ephemerides. In 1852 the U.S. Naval Observatory published a book called the American Ephemeris and Nautical Almanac, which contained similar information to that published at Greenwich but adjusted for the meridian at Washington, D.C. Beginning with the edition for 1958, Great Britain and the United States issued ephemerides that are identical in content. In 1981 the British and American publications were combined as The Astronomical Almanac.

Birthday Bash

Wishing all "Aries " a very happy birthday


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Types of Ephemeris

* Graphical Ephemeris - A graphic ephemeris is a visual presentation of transits and progressions of the various planets in the zodiac sky. The graphic ephemeris was popularized by Reinhold Ebertin and other astrologers who use the system of astrology known as cosmobiology.

* Text Ephemeris - The text ephemeris is a listing of planet positions each day in a textual format.

SKY - April 2005

<< April 8 – New Moon >><< April 24 – Full Moon >>
Event Date Degree& Sign Eastern time Pacific Time
Solar Eclipse April 8 19:06 Aries 4:37 pm 1:37 pm
Mercury Direct
April 12 01:45 Aries 3:45 am 12:45 am
Juno enters Aries April 13 00:00 Aries 8:29 pm 5:29 pm
Venus enters Taurus April 15 00:00 Taurus 4:37 pm 1:37 pm
Sun enters Taurus April 19 00:00 Taurus 7:37 pm 4:37 pm
Lunar Eclipse April 24 04:20 Scorpio 5:56 am 2:56 am
Mars Enters Pisces April 30 00:00 Pisces 10:58 pm 7:58 pm

Ephemerides of new planets

The Ephemerides of Minor Planets is compiled and published annually by the Institute of Theoretical Astronomy, St. Petersburg. Also, the International Astronomical Union issues ephemerides for every newly discovered comet and for many newly found asteroids.The Minor Planet Center in Cambridge helps the astronomers to obtain ephemerides of any asteroid or comet.


April 2005

India- violent events like natural calamities, rise in trade and investments, communications receive impetus, agricultural prospects brighten, determined leadership.

Pakistan- -region prone to natural hazard, external investments healthy, good external relations.

North America- violent onslaughts, economy insured, success against terror, better external ties.

South America- hard time for administration, irritants for external relations.

Russia- firm forward resolve, mixed financial trends, healthy investments, leadership goes through tough times.

West Asia- violent attacks imminent, peace efforts thwarted, external trade ties pushed up.

China- financial regime turns complex, agriculture makes strides.

Japan- diplomacy goes into new twists, financial regime stable, bilateral ties with neighbors good.

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Personal Forecast - ( April 2005 )


- chronic patients suffer, illness in family, income inadequate, spurt in expenditure, avoid speculation, failure in undertakings, services go smooth, marital life under stress.


- auspicious moments at home, progress of family, guard against accidents, decrease of debts, simple losses, new position in society, wearisome journeys.


- death in the family possible, guard against accidents, religious ceremonies at home, expenditure shoots up, speculation brings losses, loss of positions.


- check travel plans, professional gains go down, mental disturbances, marital problems, expenses escalate, speculation flops, loss to immovable property, avoid strains.


- pilgrimages likely, health of aged needs care, birth in the family, career atmosphere congenial, foreign travel likely, avoid law suits.


- unexpected changes in family, mental anguish, love affairs depress you, acquisition of little wealth, speculation turns tricky, functional health needs care.


- hindrance to religious pursuits, relief from ailments, avoid speculation, financial strains, services suffer, love meets with setback, care needed in social dealings.


- avoid litigation, minor accidents probable, children bring happiness, change of residence likely, small losses, profession comes under threat, avoid arguments with others, health needs care.


- spiritual inclinations, impediments to conjugal life, children brighten up, financial stress builds up, trouble from authorities, emotions need to be controlled.


- general happiness assured, increase of wealth, selective speculation helps, extensive travel likely, acquisition of landed property, love affairs go smooth.


- birth of child in the family, mental powers go down, guard against deceit, expenses shoot up, postpone new ventures, auspicious functions at home.


- aimless travels, family welfare sustains despite odds, life more comfortable, wealth likely to diminish, services suffer, friends might misguide you.

Your lucky stone (April - Aries)

Diamond gemstone Aries
The word 'diamond' comes from the Greek word adamas, meaning 'unconquerable and indestructible.' Diamond is the King of Gems. It is one of the most powerful stones. Diamonds are crystalline forms of carbon and are the hardest stones known. It is a stone for peace. It can help you achieve material wealth and prestige. South Africa and other localities throughout Africa, India, Brazil, Russia, Australia, and Arkansas produce Diamond.

Properties of Diamond

Color pale yellows, browns, grays, white, blue, black, reddish, greenish , colorless.
Refractive Index 2.4
Chemistry Carbon
Hardness 10
Specific Gravity 3.5

Ephemerides of New Planets

The Ephemerides of Minor Planets is compiled and published annually by the Institute of Theoretical Astronomy, St. Petersburg. Also, the International Astronomical Union issues ephemerides for every newly discovered comet and for many newly found asteroids.The Minor Planet Center in Cambridge helps the astronomers to obtain ephemerides of any asteroid or comet.

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