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Monthly Newsletter August 2003

Leo Common Traits

The Leo Male:

He commands a major presence around him. Usually honest and courageous he would also be selfish and arrogant.He craves to be loved and cherished.

The Leo Female:

She is the automatic leader of any group. Intelligent, capable, witty and strong in nature. She loves anything which is classy.

Love Life of Leos:

Life is the focal point of their being. They court in style. Ther magnetic charm draws admirers wherver they go. Tends to be possessive and needs constant attention.

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Career: They have the makings of the head of any organisation or business. They perform well as civil servants, armed forces, taxmen, teachers and professional sports. Some have religious incliantions.

Finance: Speculative deals and wise investments often benefit the Leos. Investments connected with diamond and gold turn good for them.

Birthday Bash

Wishing all "Mighty Leo's " a very happy birthday

astrology birthday

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A Date with Mars

The next closest appraoch of Mars will take palce on Aug 29, 2287 when none of us shall be present to verify it!!! On August 27, 2003, the Earth will swing to within 34.6 million miles or 55.7 million kilometers of Mars.This happens when Mars crosses the Equator or when its declination becomes zero. It will be fast approaching a point closes to the Earth in the known history of about 5000 years. Those interested can take out their telescopes or binoculars and prepare to watch out for Mars in the evening sky.

Name Letters- Numerology

I- If your name starts with an" I", then you are a very busy person. Laziness cannot come near you. Your knolwedge is deep and you yearn to know all things thoroughly. Whatever you say is said and done with authority.

J- These people are of liberal values and with broad hearts. They are well-informed of the latest developments. They do not attend to insignificant things. They tell the truth right in the face of anyone and hence people avoid them.

K- These people are full of struggles throughout their lives. Sudden events take place in their lives. They are one day seen in glory and the next day in the ditches. They are pessimists. They have the power to see the darker things in life . They are careful about situations and always alert.

L- Those with an "L " as their first alphabet are emotional and philosophical. They have mature thoughts and noble actions. They work according to plan. They have a superiority complex. Theyare reserved in nature. They reach high positions in life and have no time to look back.


Event Date Degree, Sign East Time Pacific Time
Venus Ingress August 22 00:00 Virgo 7:36 am 4:36 am
Sun Ingress August 23 00:00 Virgo 9:08 am 6:08 am
Jupiter Ingress August 27 00:00 Virgo 5:27 am 2:27 am
Mercury Retrograde August 28 26:19 Virgo 9:42 am 6:42 am
Pluto Direct August 28 17:14 Sagittarius 11:34pm 8:34 pm
Sun opposite Mars August 28
Sun closest to earth in 73,000 yrs
Sun 05:01 Virgo
Mars 05:01Pisces
7:05 am 10:05 am
Jupiter opp Uranus August 29 Jup 00:37 Virgo
Uran 00:37 Pisces

Rx - Gemstones

Heard that precious gemstones are prescribed as cures for ailments? The gems are purified and fortified by various herbs as prescribed in ayurvedic texts so that they can be absorbed in the body to generate beneficial effects. The gems are used in powdered forms called as "bhasma" or " phisti". Diamond phasma gives strength to the body and rejuvenates it.Emerald phasma is an anti- depressant. Ruby phisti gives strength to heart muscles.

Zodiac Forecast (Aug)

Aries- Sucess, courage and victory over rivals, finance sees marked improvement, marriages shall get on.

Taurus- family bonds get strengthened, accidents during travel liekly, conjugal relations improve, increased expenditure.

Gemini-female member from the family suffers, simple ailments dampen you, love affairs bloom, finance unsatisfactory.

Cancer- Change of place likely, spiritual matters come to the fore, finance secure, auspicious functions bring joy.

Leo- Adverse impact likely, health needs care, social life gets hectic, escalating expenses, tied in tricky situations.

Virgo- Chronic diseases cause concern, general welfare declines, relationship with relatives sour, short journeys not advised.

Libra- Disturbed mind, change of residence, eyes need care, guard against theft, marriages make you feel good, gain of money.

Scorpio- many obstacles, death in the family liekly, reduces prosperity, avoid confrontation with friends, jewellery collection adds up.

Sagittarius- Auspicious functions at home, sensual pleasures grow, accident prone period, avoid speculations, health of spouse drops.

Capricorn- adverse indications, father's health needs care, depression to be overcome, financial strains burden, friends turn unreliable.

Aquarius- death in family circle, pilgrimages likely, health of spouse needs care, expenses increase, marriage and birth in close quarters.

Pisces-relatives cause problems, change of residence likely, separation from family, personal safety needs care, be alert in finance matters.

Your lucky stone (Aug - Leo)


Peridot ranges in color from yellow green to olive green. Peridot is not one of the hardest of gemstones and can be scratched if it is subjected to frequent impact and abrasion.Peridot is a gem variety of the mineral olivine. It is found in lava rock/basalts. Aids adrenal function. Uplifts and strengthens the body. A good stone for people with insomnia, constipation, stomach ulcer and/or liver problems. The finest examples of peridot for many years have been found in Burma.


Color Yellow Green to Green
Chemistry Magnesium Iron Silicate
Hardness 6.5

Vastu Tips

Stairs should not be located just facing the main door.They should not be seen fromt he outside. Stairs hsould eb avoided in the north east and north west.


AUG , 2003

India- Financial regime pushes up, market records healthy trend, heavy rainfall, active administrative progress.

Pakistan- Aviation hazards and threat of epidemics looms large.

North America- Vital changes in the political clout in global affairs, seismic disturbances likely.

South America- Disruptive acitivity, ripples in financial situation, weather disturbaces.

Russia- Insurgent activities pose hazards.

West Asia- Threat from hostile groups, leadership crisis.

China- Internal disorder, major tragedy likely.

Japan- Economy is good, general conditions restrained.

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