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Monthly Newsletter September 2006

Virgo Common Traits

Your Strengths: Meticulous to the last, you feel nauseous if your sense of order is violated. Finicky perfectionists, everything has to be attended to with care down to the last details. You love showing off your mental and verbal skills in a debate. Shy and gentle, you make friends for life. You cherish your lovers.

Your Weaknesses: You have a basic inferiority complex because deep down inside, you know that you yourself are not perfect. You can get on people's nerves by constantly criticizing them.You don't blow up easily but when you do, people better run for cover.

What to do during Void of Course..

If you're at home, use the void of course period to get some sleep or to rest, you'll have a very good and deep sleep. Clean the house, eat, watch television, pay a visit to someone sick. Do those tasks and activities that you usually don't have the patience to perform. Pray, meditate or go for spiritual pursuits. The mind is naturally turned inside out. Unwanted thoughts come in this period and hence a spiritual bent shall save you from unwanted troubles and deviations. It is not a proper time to do astrology, at least not those branches of astrology that require one to reach a very specific goal in life.

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Void of Course Moon
When the Moon is 'Void of Course' it has left one house/sign and has not yet entered the next sign. This phenomena can occur for from a few minutes to 2 days. It depends upon the sign the Moon is in and the sign locations of the other planets.

Knowing when it is a time of Void of Course will improve your planning and eliminate a lot of frustration and wasted effort.It is said that we make more mistakes and bad decisions when the Moon is void of course.Whatever is done in a Void of Course Moon have to be done again and again without any results. It is best to avoid any important tasks during this period.

Astrometeorology is the only known science that is capable of predicting when and where natural disasters are likely to strike, weeks, months, even years in advance.

Birthday Bash

Wishing all "Virgos " a very happy birthday

birthday astrology

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Tips for Void of Course period

Do not start anything new when the Moon is void of course.

Avoid doing important things like Interviews, buying a house/vehicle, getting married, starting a relationship, major meetings, signing contracts,etc.

Do not plan, decide, purchase/buy and commit anything in this period.

Avoid consultations with ministers, lawyers,, doctors, counselors, teachers, anyone whose advice you need.

Rejuvenate your spirit, relax, take a break, time out, meditate, read, and take a break from your routine life.

Avoid communications that are extremely important.Wait to write the letter, e-mail, send the fax, or make a call.The communication will either be disrupted, delayed, or contorted.

Take time to reflect and study your inner-self.

SKY - September 2006

<< Sept 7 – Full Moon >><< Sept 22 – New Moon >>
Event Date Degree& Sign Eastern time Pacific Time
Pluto Direct
September 4 24:04 Sagittarius 7:21 pm 4:21 pm
Venus enters Virgo September 6 00:00 Virgo 2:15 am 11:15 pm
(Sep 5)
Lunar Eclipse September 7 15:01 Pisces 2:52 pm 11:52 am
Mars enters Libra September 8 00:00 Libra 12:18 am 9:18 pm
(Sep 7)
Mercury enters  Libra September 12 00:00 Libra 5:07 pm 2:07 pm
Solar Eclipse September 22 29:20 Virgo 7:41 am 3:41 am
Sun enters Libra September 22-23 00:00 Libra 12:03 am 9:03 pm
(Sep 22)
Jupiter square Neptune September 24 Jupiter Scorpio; Neptune Aquarius 4:31 pm 1:31 pm
Mars conjunct Uranus September 26 Mars Libra; Uranus Pisces 8:26 am 5:26 am
Venus enters Libra September 30 00:00 Libra 6:02 am 3:02 am


September 2006

India- financial prospects secured, market sentiments appear bearish, leadership displays determination, terror threat looms large.

Pakistan- foucs on relation with neighbors, agricultural prospects harmed, financial investments promoted.

North America- financial agenda on the anvil, agriculture receives a boost, market seems to be disturbed.

South America- region prone to disaster, trade pushed up.

Russia- happy augury for overall progress, finances pushed up, decline in investments.

West Asia- opportunity for amity moves, strife continues unabated, countries get more defiant.

China- good rains, economy on to higher gear, communication and traffic under threat.

Japan- severe weather disturbances, traffic hazards probable, financial market sentiments brighten up.

 Personal Forecast - ( Sept 2006 )

Aries- family welfare assured, pilgrimage likely, auspicious functions at home, increased expenditure, unexpected income flow, success in undertakings, displeasure with superiors, take care of partner's health.

Taurus- obstructions to conjugal happiness, anxiety makes you sick, long-standing desires materialize, emotional attachments suffer, losses probable, reduced income, partnership deals thrive, check travel plans.

Gemini- family peace disturbed, failure in spiritual pursuits, conjugal relations improve, losses in finance, reduce unwanted expenses, services meet with obstacles, travels bring success, change of residence foreseen.

Cancer- good health, success in efforts, auspicious functions at home, financial stress, danger to spouse, accents probable, avoid speculating, guard against frauds, journeys bring loss.

Leo- limited happiness prevails, gain of wealth, trusted friend lets you down, avoid speculation, misunderstandings with partners, professional activity blooms, disturbances at home.

Virgo- children prosper, temporary pleasures likely, disruption to normal course of life, speculation can help, foreign travel materializes, investment in properties probable, avoid emotional involvement.

Libra- normal life gets disturbed, health of spouse needs care, marital discord likely, spiritual pursuits, gains journeys, forbidden activities to be avoided, expenses out-shoot income.

Scorpio- family welfare need to be guarded, love affairs flourish, gain of luxurious articles, financial management needs careful handling, promotions in service, partnership deals go on well, functional health affected.

Sagittarius- ailments aggravate, domestic happiness sustains, separation from family, financial problems emerge, postpone important tasks, travel brings benefits, displeasure with superiors, guard against thefts and accidents at home.

Capricorn- guard against losses, quarrel with friend, impediments to routine works, avoid extravagance, relief from debts, confrontations in profession, do not blow up petty issues, avoid travel.

Aquarius- pleasure pursuits bring joy, spouse may fall ill, serious illness to family member, avoid domestic quarrels, birth of a child in the family, fiscal pressures burden you, foreign travel on the cards, relations with spouse gets worse.

Pisces- some calamity looms large, accidents in journey probable, unexpected income flow, some financial strains foreseen, rivals seem to gain hand, avoid speculation, spiritual bent of mind likely, health needs care.

Void of Course Moon for September 2006

Void Starts Time Void Ends Time Sign after Void
Sat Sep 2 3:50 am Sat Sep 2 10:35 am Capricorn
Mon Sep 4 10:25 am Mon Sep 4 2:15 pm Aquarius
Wed Sep 6 5:30 am Wed Sep 6 2:57 pm Pisces
Fri Sep 8 5:03 am Fri Sep 8 2:24 pm Aries
Sun Sep 10 4:53 am Sun Sep 10 2;31 pm Taurus
Tue Sep 12 4:59 pm Tue Sep 12 5:00 pm Gemini
Thu Sep 14 12:01 pm Thu Sep 14 10:54 pm Cancer
Sat Sep 16 8:32 pm Sun Sep 17 8:15 am Leo
Tue Sep 19 8:16 am Tue Sep 19 8:07 pm Virgo
Fri Sep 22 7:45 am Fri Sep 22 9:07 am Libra
Sun Sep 24 10:11 am Sun Sep 24 9:55 pm Scorpio
Wed Sep 27 1:33 am Wed Sep 27 9:17 am Sagittarius
Fri Sep 29 4:46 pm Fri Sep 29 6:02 pm Capricorn

The main aspects of Moon

There are five major aspects that the Moon makes with the other planets, they are the conjunction, the sextile, the square, the trine and the opposition. The sextile and trine are considered harmonious and good , the square and opposition are very stressful and tiring aspects, and the conjunction can act in any way , depending on the planets involved.

Your lucky stone (Sept - Virgo)

sapphire gemstone for Virgo
The name sapphire comes from the Latin "sapphirus," which means blue. Sapphire is of the corundum class of minerals. The presence of trace impurities of iron and titanium is responsible for that beautiful, vibrant, deep blue color. Sapphire is the Gem of Destiny. It will bring out the best within you and help make your dreams come true. Sapphires has always been associated with luck in romance. It is said to bring peace and happiness. We obtain Sapphires from Sri-Lanka , Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), Vietnam, Madagascar and Africa.

Properties of Sapphire

Color Green Blue to Violet Blue
Refractive Index 1.72 - 1.82
Density 3.98 - 4.02
Hardness 9.00
Chemistry Aluminium Oxide
Crystal Group Trigonal

Auspicious Days for September 2006

Date Day Tithi Nakshatra
10-09-06 Sunday 07.00 to 10.30 1.30 to 4.30
11-09-06 Monday 09.00 to 10.30 4.00 to 7.00
15-09-06 Friday 06.30 to 10.30 4.30 to 7.00
17-09-06 Sunday 07.00 to 10.30 1.30 to 4.30
18-09-06 Monday 09.00 to 10.30 4.00 to 7.00
20-09-06 Wednesday 09.00 to 10.30 4.00 to 7.00
24-09-06 Sunday 07.00 to 10.30 1.30 to 4.30
28-09-06 Thursday 07.30 to 10.30 4.00 to 7.00

Did you know that...

American astrologer Al H. Morrison was the one who introduced the concept of the Void of Course Moon to the astrological world. According to him, each period of a V/C Moon occurs once every 2 to 5 days. According to kim it is a period for spiritual inclinations rather than material goals.

Void of Course in Natal Chart

When an individual has a Moon void-of-course in his Natal chart, that Moon is placed late in the sign. Late degree planets are indicative of qualities, characteristics and traits that are well developed, honed almost to perfection. The emotional responses of a void-of-course Moon individual are almost those of a saint or monk or sage or similar religious person learning the art of detachment in order to find enlightenment. With less attachment it is easier to navigate through life and to form fewer bonds.

Horary Astrology & VOC

Void of course is said of a planet which forms no aspect before leaving the sign. When the Moon is so placed, it denies fruition to much of the good otherwise promised in the Figure. In Horary Astrology it is represents a person without any objective purpose, one who abandons himself to aimless endeavor.

VOC as related to Market Sentiments

The Void-of-Course Moon is powerful in business market action, especially when it takes place during the trading day. The lunar Void tends to create an interruption of market trends. Sometimes the same trend resumes after the Void-of-Course period ends, and sometimes the trend reverses.

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