Moon Astrology


With Moon in Aquarius you are very perceptive, imaginative, and enjoy the opinions your friends and colleagues offer. You are social, and sympathetic to others feelings.

You are prone to unorthodox, independent and unconventional tendencies. Your eccentric interests and hobbies will draw strange looks from observers.

You are attracted to anything that is of an intellectual, social, original or unusual nature. Your vocation may include educational, political, scientific or social work. In your heart you are a true humanitarian. You have strong and sometimes very impractical ideals. You are drawn to large movements supporting great causes. You may also belong to a mystical or secret society, brotherhood, or association.

Your intellect and imagination combine to give you inventive and original ideas. The Moon in Aquarius gives you an attraction towards occult subjects like astrology or clairvoyance. You get along with people who think the same as you.

Males with Moon in Aquarius:

Active, agreeable and courteous. Sympathetic, happy, optimistic, love of work, fond of the company of fine and good people. They go for political, educational and scientific work. One maybe interested in astrology and occult sciences and secret societies. Liking for the strange and curious, occasionally feel sorrows and may change through friends. Moon in Aquarius increases the imagination, intuition, and mental sensitiveness. Gain through inheritance.

Females with Moon in Aquarius:

Such girls are very beautiful, tall, oval faced, magnetic and handsome appearance. It is so said that they are as beautiful as Moon. Such damsels are brilliant, wealthy, acquire wealth and enjoy social status after marriage. Fickle-minded at times and odd in their behaviour. Imaginative, inventive, intuitive and inspirational. Self-respect, good reputation and of charitable nature. They love outdoor life and sports but sometimes they are wayward and vain.As regards health, they will suffer pain in feet and lower limbs. A weak eyesight with age.

Afflicted Moon in Aquarius:

indicates doubtful nature, laziness, self indulgence, one can be led astray easily. Unfavourable for marriage. Eyesight may suffer.

Famous Aquarian Moon Women:

Anne Baxter, Charlotte Bronte, Sandra Bullock, Angela Davis, Princess Diana, Barbara Eden, Joan of Arc, Caroline Kennedy, Jessica Lange, Marilyn Monroe, JonBenet Ramsey, Debbie Reynolds, Linda Ronstadt, Brittney Spears, Uma Thurman, Kathleen Turner, and Joanne Woodward.

Famous Aquarian Moon Men:

Muhammad Ali, Woody Allen, Mel Brooks, Marc Chagall, Chevy Chase, Dante, Henry Ford, Samuel Goldwyn, Cuba Gooding, Jr., John F.Kennedy, John Lennon, Nickolai Lenin, George Lucas, Bela Lugosi, Steve McQueen, Ogden Nash, Carl Orff, Mickey Rooney, George Segal.

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