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Monthly Newsletter January 2004

Capricorn Common Traits

Your Strengths:

Everything that is legal and moral works fine for you.You like tradition and stick to it. Your lives are carefully planned and you like to be the best at everything. Being extremely sensitive, everything in your life is taken very seriously be it friends, lovers or spouses.You never back out of commitments and promises.

Your Weaknesses:

You are an opportunist. Cynicism is your way of life. You tend to be a loner and the few friends you have, better be loyal or you can cut them out of your life for good. You tend to marry for money and status rather than happiness.

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Divination Methodologies Divination is practiced as a means of foretelling the future, and sometimes the past. It is one of the primary practices used by witches, wizards, sorcerers, and shamans.These persons are often called diviners, who often belonged to special classes of priests and priestesses in past civilizations, and are specially trained in the practice and interpretation of their divinatory skills.

Divination Methodologies
The methodology for practicing the divinatory skills seems to divide into two categories: the first is the observation and interpretation on natural phenomena, and the second is the observation and interpretation of man-made "voluntary" phenomena. Natural phenomena includes naturally occurring unexpected storms,

particular cloud formations, night-marish dreams,etc.Man-made phenomena is defined as being deliberately produced for the sole purpose of soothsaying and includes such acts as Necromancy where the dead are raised to answer questions.

Birthday Bash

Wishing all "Capricorns " a very happy birthday

astrology birthday

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Ouijia Board

Ouijia Boards
The Ouija board dates back to the late 1800's when at the height of the spiritualist movement it was a popular parlor game. Over the years, many Ouijas and talking boards have arrived.There are about eight styles of talking boards that all work in pretty much the same way with a pair of hands resting on a planchette that points to words or spells out answers to questions asked. Too often, however, users take these messages at face value, never considering that they could be coming from their own imaginations. Ouija messages obviously come from forces beyond our control. You contact these entities through the board. They are discarnate spirits, ghosts, or other ethereal beings who have a purpose for contacting the living.

Extreme Divination

AEROMANCY is divination from the air and sky, concentrating on cloud shapes, comets.
ALOMANCY is divination by table salt.
CARTOMANCY is fortune telling using cards such as the Tarot.
CHIROMANCY is divination from the lines on people's hands.
DOWSING is a kind of divination where a forked stick is used to locate water or precious minerals.
GEOMANCY is the study of figures on the ground and the influence of the Earth's currents.
LITHOMANCY is divination using precious stones of various colors.
NECROMANCY is divination by raising the dead to ask questions.
OCULOMANCY is divination from a person's eye.
PHRENOLOGY is the long practiced study of head formations.
STICHOMANCY is a form of throwing open a book and selecting a random passage for the purpose of divination.
XYLOMANCY is divination from pieces of wood.

Extreme Divination

The human life is subject to well defined biological rhythms known as Circadian cycles. Some of them, such as the body temperature, the cardiac frequency,the hormones production etc., are well know by the physicians. There are also other related cycles such as Physical, Intellectual, and Emotional cycles.

The Physical cycle of duration 23 days,influences the physical factors like the muscular force, the reflex promptitude etc; the Emotional cycle of duration 28 days, controls the emotionality, the sensibility, humor, etc.; the Intellectual cycle of duration 33 days, regulates the ability of learning, the memory, the concentration etc. Each of them is represented by a sinusoidal curve. The curves oscillate from the maximum value of 100,i.e.perfect state to the minimal value of 0 i.e. bad state.

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<< January 7 – Full Moon >><< January 22 – New Moon >>
Degree, Sign
East Time
Pacific Time
Jupiter Retro
January 3 18:54 Virgo 6:57 pm 3:57 pm
Mercury Direct January 6 26:16 Sagittarius 8:44 am 5:44 am
Mercury Ingress January 14 00:00 Capricorn 6:02 am 3:02 am
Venus Ingress January 14 00:00 Pisces 12:16 pm 9:16 pm
Sun Ingress January 20 00:00 Aquarius 12:42 pm 9:42 am
Juno Ingress January 23 00:00 Capricorn 5:32 am 2:32 am

Storm in a tea-cup??

Tea Cup - Tasseomancy
A form of fortune-telling by reading tea leaves is known as Tasseomancy. In the 17th century, the West Dutch Indies merchants introduced tea from the Orient. Tea drinking became a popular custom which gave rise to the divination of tea leaves that remained in the bottom of the cup.Tasseomancy is currently conducted in England, Ireland, and Europe. In the United States it is primarily practiced in larger cities in "Gypsy tearooms" and in restaurants.

Tasseomancy is largely dependent on psychic intuition.Tea is poured into a cup without the use of a strainer. The one seeking psychic help, the inquirer, consumes all of the tea in the cup. If any moisture remains it is shaken out onto a napkin.

The leaves remain in the bottom of the cup which the diviner observes to see what patterns are formed. A letter, heart shape, or a ring might be observed. There are some standard symbolisms which are observed when interpreting the patterns: snake (enmity), spade (good fortune ), mountain (journey or hindrance), house (change, success),etc.

What are Runes??

Runes are an alphabetic script used by the people of Northern Europe from the first century until well into the Middle Ages.The Runes also served as a system of symbols used for magic and divination.

Runes fell into disuse later but their forms and meanings were preserved in inscriptions and manuscripts.They are much more than a curious alternative to Tarot cards for telling fortunes.

They provide a key to understanding the lives and beliefs of the ancient people who created them.

Zodiac Forecast (January)

Aries- Frustration rules the roost, birth of a child in the family, acquisition of vehicles, career shows slight improvement, marital discords arise.

Taurus- Ill-health to spouse,accidents during travel likely, children progress, speculation does not help, emotional turbulence, favorable love affairs possible.

Gemini- chronic patients take care, caution to be paid while driving, enhanced expenditure, postpone travel plans, don't start new ventures now.

Cancer- health improves, illness to family members, material possessions increase, frequent journey on account of job, investing in property rewarding.

Leo- disharmony at home, pilgrimages liekly,bad time for spouse, loans needed this month, litigations end in defeat, speculation can fail.

Virgo- ailments of stomach and eyes bother, personal safety needs care, small gains likely, success in profession, pilgrimaages can help relieve stress.

Libra- prosperity at home, preventive medication can help, overall financial position improves, legal problems get solved, marriage proposals take off.

Scorpio- maritual relations turn sour, children cause problems, financial crunch in the offing, take care of eyes, conjugal relations suffer.

Sagittarius- minor ailments can upset you, health of spouse or father suffers, loss in journeys possible, disputes over property arise, domestic happiness prevails.

Capricorn- friends turn enemies, ailments to family members, finances secure, guard against deceit by friends, mental agitation is likely.

Aquarius-windy complaints bother you, gains through friends possible, short journeys possible, services progress, control your emotions, help would be forthcoming.

Pisces- health of an elderly member in family worsens, conjugal happiness guaranteed, do not involve with the opposite sex, debts may get cleared, all round progress.

Your lucky stone (January - Capricorn)

Garnet capricorn lucky stone

Its name comes from the Latin word "granatus" meaning seed, because it often resembles small round seeds when found in its matrix rock.Garnet is a stone of vital power and energy, and lends vitality and strength.Given as a gift, garnet symbolizes true and never-ending love and devotion.Garnet is found in Africa, Brazil, Canada, India, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, and the USA.


Color deep red
Chemistry 3FeO Al2O3 3Si2
Hardness 7- 7.5
Density 3- 4.5
Refractive Index 1.92 to 1.98


Refers to an ancient form of divination in which, handfuls of soil or other materials were scattered on the ground, or markings made in the earth or sand, to generate a range of dot configurations which could then be "read" by a seer to forecast the future..


January , 2004

India- Strife and suffering increase, market in a turbulent state, diplomacy makes strides.

Pakistan- Trade promotions take off, violence is curbed to soem extent.

North America- explosive and grievous acts, ominous forebodings, financial market subdued.

South America- region is exposed to seismic acitivty, positive trend in the area.

Russia- suffering through antural tragedy, steain in financial regime, diplomativ front turns sour.

West Asia- region exposed to tragic happenings, peace efforts turn unrewarded.

China- threat of strife and tragedy looms large, financial prospects secure.

Japan- Peace and stability maintained, financial regime stable.

Strange Divination ...

Ailuromancy is divination by watching cats. Alectryomancy is divination using a cock/chicken.

Aleuromancy is divination using flour.

Alomancy is divination using Salt.

Alveromancy is divination using sounds.

Anthomancy is divination using flowers.

Anthracomancy is divination using burning coals.

Arithmancy is divination by numbers.

Armomancy is divination by examining shoulders.

Astragalomancy is divination by dice.

Astrology is divination by planets and stars.

Augury is divination from the behaviour of birds.

Austromancy is divination by the winds.

Axinomancy is divination using an axe.

Bletonism is divination by currents of water.

Botanomancy is divination by herbs or leaves.

Brontomancy is divination using thunder.

Capnomancy is divination by smoke.

Cartomancy is divination by using cards.

Catoptromancy is divination by using a mirror.

Catoxtromancy is divination by vessels.

Causimomancy is divination using fire.

Ceneromancy is divination using ashes.

Ceromancy is divination by molten wax .

Chartomancy is divination by writing in papers.

Cheiromancy is divination by the hands.

Clairvoyance is divination by "second sight".

Conchomancy is divination using shells.

Critomancy is divination using viands and cakes.

Crystallomancy is divination by a crystal.

Dactylomancy is divination using rings.

Demonomancy is divination using demons.

Dowsing is divination by using a forked stick.

Empyromancy is divination by using objects placed in a sacrificial fire.

Eromancy is divination using air and water.

Genethlialogy is divination by the birth stars.

Geomancy is divination by marks on the earth.

Graphology is divination using hand writing.

Halomancy is divination by salt.

Hematomancy is divination using blood.

Horoscopy is divination by means of horoscope.

Hydromancy is divination by water.

Hypnomancy is divination using sleep.

Ichnomancy is divination using footprints.

Idolomancy is divination using idols.

Lithomancy is divination by stones.

Lunomancy is divination by the shadows created by moonlight .

Moleosophy is divination by moles on the body.

Necromancy is divination by calling up the dead.

Necyomancy is divination by summoning Satan.

Nomancy is divination by the letters of a name.

Numerology is divination by numbers and names.

Oinomancy is divination by wine.

Ololygmancy is divination by the howling of dogs.

Omphalomancy is divination from umbilical cord.

Oneiromancy is divination by dreams.

Onomancy is divination by the letters of a name.

Onychomancy is divination by the fingernails.

Ophidiomancy is divination using snakes.

Ossomancy is divination using bones.

Palmistry is divination by reading the palm.

Pedomancy is divination by the footprints.

Pessomancy is divination by pebbles.

Pyromancy is divination by looking into a fire.

Roadomancy is divination by stars.

Scrying is divination by looking into a crystal ball.

Selenomancy is divination by studying the moon.

Spheromancy is divination using a crystal ball.

Sycomancy is divination using fig tree leaves.

Tasseography is divination using tea leaves.

Tephramancy is divination using the ashes.

Teraphim is divination using idols or images.

Topomancy is divination using landforms.

Tuphramancy is divination by ashes.

Xylomancy is divination by dry sticks.

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