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Monthly Newsletter October,2004

The Libra Common Traits

Your Strengths:

You love to be generous and liberal. You like to share your knowledge and ideas with your friends. You are fair to all people and hate injustice.You are sentimental and romantic, gentle and loyal.

Your Weaknesses:

You are naíve and extremely gullible. Argumentative, restless and generally confused, you are often accused of being lazy and putting off tasks till the last possible moments. It takes you absolutely ages to make up your mind about even trivial issues.

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Conception in Women and Astrology

The time of a woman's fertility depends on the recurrence of the angle of the sun and the moon that occurred at the woman's own birth. If the moon was full when she was born, she will be fertile during the full moon. The sex of the child she is going to bear depends on the position of the moon at conception. What astrological sign the moon is in at the time of conception determines the gender of the child.

Certain planetary configurations at the time of conception can effect the viability of the embryo.The health of the newborn depends upon when the conception took place and this time depends on certain astrological calculations.

Birthday Bash

Wishing all "Librans"a very happy birthday

birthday astrology

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Celebrity Women - Astrological Profiles

Find out what makes these women tick....

Catherine Jones Marlyn Monroe
Elizabeth Taylor Sophia Loren
Nicole Kidman Pamela Anderson
Aishwarya Rai Oprah Winfrey
Jennifer Lopez Queen Elizabeth II
Princess Diana J.K.Rowling
Julia Roberts Britney Spears

The Moon and Women

Worldwide study of hospital admissions for self-poisoning/suicide bids found that women make up 60 percent of patients at the new moon; but only 45 percent on the full moon.

Both the Moon and Sun have a gravitational effect on the Earth. When they're both on our right (new moon), their combined forces tug up big ocean tides; when we come between them (full moon), they pull opposite each other.

So it is this gravitational alteration that's making us nuts. Certain studies on lunar phases indicate that the full moon is protective for women.


Aries She is aggressive with men, dynamic, hot-tempered, and very bossy. She attracts men easily and can discard them easily.
Taurus She's very down-to-earth and loves to take care of her man.This woman is very sensual in bed and likes to make love slowly.
Gemini This woman is a big flirt,she loves to be stroked.She loves variety in sex life.
Cancer She's very emotional and romantic.She makes a good sex partner because she will do anything to please her man.
Leo This woman is very charming, has lots of sex appeal, and loves to party.She's a real tiger in bed and rules the bedroom.
Virgo Very faithful and devoted. Can be very exacting in bed and wants to follow a set routine in sex.
Libra She's so sexy, seductive, and charming. A very social creature and very romantic and sentimental.
Scorpio This is a very intense and mysterious woman. Very intense in bed and probably the best lover in the Zodiac.
Sagittarius She's very independent and loves her freedom. She doesn't like long-term commitments in love life.
Capricorn This woman is very reserved in the beginning but once her barriers are broken , she will love with lot of intensity.
Aquarius Very intelligent and partner must appeal to her mind.She loses heart when relations turn sour.
Pisces A loving, devoted, affectionate, sympathetic woman. She's very emotional and moody at times.

<< 14 October - New Moon >><< 28 October – Full Moon >>
Degree& Sign
Eastern time
Pacific Time
Ceres Ingress October 3 00:00 Libra 4:06 am 1:06 am
Venus Ingress October 3 00:00 Virgo 1:20 pm 10:20 am
Solar Eclipse October 13, 2004 21:06 Virgo 11:00 pm 8:00 pm
Mercury Ingress October 15 00:00 Virgo 6:57 pm 3:57 pm
Sun Ingress October 22 00:00 Scorpio 9:49 pm 6:49 pm
Neptune Direct October 24 12:36 Aquarius 7:56 am 4:56 am
Lunar Eclipse October 27 5:02 Scorpio 11:05 pm 8:05 pm
Vesta Direct October 27-28 13:53 Capricorn 1:50 am
10:50 pm
Vesta Ingress October 28 00:00 Libra 8:39 pm 5:39 pm

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October , 2004

India- Agony and suffering in North-eastern areas, economic agenda pushed up, adverse effects on religious temper.
Pakistan- Diplomatic reverses likely, major financial deals maligned, loss of crops by pestilence.
North America- significant advances, trade prospects brighten, security comes under threat.
South America- administrative apathy, finance and trade remain good.
Russia- agricultural prospects suffer, external relations affected.
West Asia -Confrontation and conflicts, security concerns remain.
China- diplomatic outrage may be provoked.
Japan- financial regime supported, clout in international arena restrained.

(October 2004 ) - Zodiacs

Aries- differences and disputes in life, domestic happiness elusive, nervous strains likely, material gains bring relief, shun speculation, work atmosphere congenial.

Taurus- Eyes need care, disharmony at home, birth of a child brings joy, increase in comforts, acquisition of vehicles, added expenses, trouble from rivals subside.

Gemini- conjugal happiness obstructed, finances improve, change in position, anxiety with partner, matrimonial affairs yield, children create problems.

Cancer- death of a relative, finances flourish, expenditure drains all income, defer long term projects, avoid arguments at home, marital warmth is available.

Leo- bilious complaints bother you, travel brings advantages, shun risky ventures, purchase of property likely, new profession in the offing, auspicious functions bring joy.

Virgo- mental grief caused by kin, aimless travel, money comes under squeeze, speculation cannot help, partnership deals pose problems, services stagnate.

Libra- unexpected calamities in life, health fails, bereavement in family likely, financial stress, failures in undertakings, legal battles to be lost, friends cause discomfort.

Scorpio- marital prospects for single ones, differences with partner, debts get reduced, increased profits, promotions in service, romantic life enlightened, hard work brings dividends.

Sagittarius- Chronic patients need to take care, conjugal felicity prevails, death of elder member of family, success in undertakings, professional progress good.

Capricorn- guard against minor accidents, marital relations get disturbed, romance is on the cards, finances fluctuate, speculation brings no gain, foreign travel materializes, luxury items acquired.

Aquarius- accidents or mental agony likely, do not speculate, loss of money, displeasure with authorities,no peace at home, success elusive.

Pisces- Marital problems at home, children need care, finances have smooth sail, avoid major deals, postpone travel plans, contracts might invite conflict.

 Your lucky stone(October- Libra)

Opal is a hydrated silica. Precious Opal contains 6% - 10% water and consists of small silica spheres arranged in an orderly three dimensional structure. Opal promotes psychic stability and the capacity to share. A stone of love and romance and a stone to grant wishes and personal happiness.
Notable Occurrences include Western USA, Mexico, Australia and many other localities around the world. Australia produces approximately 95% of the world's precious opal.

Properties of Opal

white, colorless, pale yellow
Hardness 5-6
Specific gravity 2-2.5
Chemistry SiO2-nH2O
Crystal Structure Amorphous

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Astrological Meetings - 2004-(Worldwide)

27 - 28 November 2004 - Seventh international symposium of astrology in Zuerich, Switzerland.

Women-their Astrological Nexus

The Juno asteroid represents the wife, the life partner, the soul mate.
The Ceres asteroid represents the rhythms in a woman's procreation cycles.
The Moon represents a woman's reflective nature, her internalized response to the world.
Neptune- Women are said to be mystic and veiled in their behaviors as Neptune.
Venus rules a woman's sense of style, her appreciation of art and culture and romance.
Vesta represents the powerful woman who sees beyond the scope of herself.

Eclipses- October 2004
Partial Solar Eclipse 21:06 Libra Oct 13, 2004
11:00 pm EDT - 8 pm PDT
Total Lunar Eclipse 5:02 Taurus October 27, 2004
11:05 pm EST - 8:05 pm PST

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