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Monthly Newsletter August 2004

The Mighty Leo Common Traits

Your Strengths:Unselfish, generous and affectionate, you lion love to shower those around you with gifts and praises. You are generally on the top of every project you undertake. You have an urge to improve everything and anything.You are loyal to the end.

Your Weaknesses: You revel in your glory and tend to be selfish. You expect everything to revolve around you . A fierce lion with an explosive temper lurks somewhere in the midst of that gentle pussycat and it is a good thing you rarely hold a grudge. You expect too much from the world.

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Why the need for Astral Remedy?
Events in life are ruled by planets, houses, signs and planetary periods. The planets during their operating periods bless the native with the significations ruled by them depending upon their strength and placement in a particular horoscope. Sometimes afflictions to the planets/houses are caused by the close conjunction or aspect of the functional malefic planets in a nativity.

This results in vairous calamities in life. In order to get relief from such adverse planetary positions, turmoils and troubles, the planets have to be strengthened.The planetary malefic effects can be controlled or minimized. Here comes the ASTRAL REMEDIES to the rescue.

Birthday Bash

Wishing all "Leos " a very happy birthday


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Vastu Remedies Feng Shui Remedies

Planetary Remedies Benefits of Astral Remedies- Astral remedies tackle the problem of sterility, impotency, help in getting a healthy child, in addition to the other areas of life governed by the various planets like professional growth, harmonious married life, acquisition of wealth/property and status, studies, good health, long life and a lot more...

Application Astral Remedies

There are two ways of application of astral remedies after diagnosing the problematic planetary influences in a chart. They are:

1-The strength is provided to the weak functionally benefic planets. The strength can be provided by various methods like gemstones, colour therapy, Yantras in an auspicious time.

2-The maleficience of the functionally malefic planets is reduced by offering propitiatory charities concerning these planets.

The preventive use of astral remedies is much more useful than the curative astral remedies.

Charity- A form of Astral Remedy

Afflicting Planets
Form of Charity to be done
Sun Service to father or elderly men, worship Sun
Moon Service to elderly women, feeding the cow
Mercury Render help to needy students, feed birds
Venus Help females in distress
Mars Help servants, morning prayer necessary
Jupiter Service to guide or mentor
Saturn Help the poor and the downtrodden

Will my career be successful?

SKY - August 2004

<< August 29 – Full Moon >><< August 15 – New Moon >>
Degree& Sign
Eastern time
Pacific Time
Mercury Direct September 2 25:42 Leo 9:09 am 6:09 am
Venus Ingress September 6 00:00 Leo 6:16 pm 3:16 pm
Mercur Ingress September 10 00:00 Virgo 3:38 am 12:38 am
Mars squ Pluto Sept 9-10 19 Virgo/19 Sagit 12:06 am 9:06 pm
Fall Equinox September 22 00:00 Libra 12:30 pm 9:30 am
Jupiter Ingress September 24 00:00 Libra 11:23 pm 8:23 pm
Mars Ingress September 26 00:00 Libra 5:15 am 2:15 am
Chiron Direct September 26 20:30 Capricorn 1:20 pm 10:20 am
Pallas Ingress September 27 00:00 Virgo 9:33 am 6:33 am


August , 2004

India- Initiatives on external front, financial reforms on the anvil, social compulsions loom, good rainfall and agricultural prospects.

Pakistan- External relations promoted, violent murderous assault likely.

North America- Financial regime pushed ahead, destructive storm might be stirred, healthy market trend.

South America- Leadership looks forward, economic prospects brighten up, governments likely to be pushed to conflicts.

Russia- violent temper in country, economic agenda gets thrust, diplomatic reverses occur.

West Asia- relentless violence and strong retaliation.

China-Major developments spurred, external trade gets a boost.

Japan- Period of uncertainity prevails, threat to stability of country, agricutural prospects brighten up.


When will I get a good job?

 Personal Forecast - ( August 2004 )

Aries- injuries and quarrels upset peace, conjugal felicity impeded, separation of partner likely, career interests fail, small gains, change of residence possible,litigations fail.

Taurus- domestic comforts dominate, ill health of spouse causes concern, avoid speculations, simple losses in finance, disputes over property arise, auspicious functions at home.

Gemini- anxieties increase, friends let you down, health of spouse needs care, joruney to distant places, losses through children, tough situations in career front.

Cancer- welfare of children deteriorate, avoid picnics, wasteful expenditure, unhappy atmosphere in office, avoid fresh ventures, career advancements stagger.

Leo- dealth of elderly member in family, lot of socializing, finances unfavorable, losses through confidants, gainless journeys, association with religious bodies.

Virgo- quarrels with spouse cause worries, death of close friend likely, imrpovement in finances, avoid cofnrontations in job, ripples in career, act diplomatically.

Libra- domestic happiness assured, conjugal life good, selective speculation helps, bigger role in career, new friendships develop, birth in the family gives happiness.

Scorpio- chronic patients need care, reduced profits, speculation leads to losses, career interests stabilize, long journeys, disturbed state of mind, romance flourishes.

Sagittarius- disagreements with relatives, friends turn unreliable, loss of some wealth, speculation helps, travel becomes necessary, unhealthy rivalry looms, health needs care.

Capricorn- serious illness to a family member, finance improves, posptone new ventures, marital tensions build up, spouses' health needs care, change of residence likely.

Aquarius- avoid arguments, mental troubles grow, romance turns favorable, control expenditure, gains limited, professional activites increase, legal affairs succeed.

Pisces- good health predominates, pilgrimages possible, friends shall be of good help, career dealings succeed, pleasant journeys.

Gemstones as Remedy

Gemstones therapy
Pearl- Used to remove the evil effects of Moon.Should be worn with silver in weights of 2, 4, 6 and gms on teh 4th finger of right hand.

Sapphire- Removes evil effects of sAturn.To be used on 2nd finger of right hand in gold or five-metals and weight in 5 or 7 gms.

Hassonite- Cures diseases caused by the evil effects of Rahu and saturn. Should be used with silver on 2nd finger of right hand and weight in 6, 11 or 13 gms.

Cat's Eye- Eradicates evil ifnlkuences of Ketu and Mars. To be worn with gold on the 2nd or 3rd figner of right hand and weigth to be 3, 5, or 7 gms.

Diamond- It is a hot gem and blesses the native with peace of mind.

Vastu Tips

Pooja/ Worship Room Worship should be done in the northeast, north, or east sides of the house. It is best that the worship room is in the northeast corner of the house. It should not be to the south. The place of worship should be on the ground floor and not upstairs.

The main altar should be located on the northeast side of the worship room. The deities or pictures of the deities should either face east or west, and should not face north or south.The altar should not be set into the wall but should be at least an inch from it. The door to the temple room should have two shutters.

Toilets should never be above or below the place of worship. White, light yellow, or light blue are good colors for a temple room. It is very good if the worship room is in the shape of a pyramid.

Your lucky stone (August - Leo)

Peridot is not one of the hardest of the gemstones. Peridot is considered a symbol of the Sun, the ruler of Leos.The greenest peridot has the most value. The finest of peridot for many years have been found in Burma. Many less important sources are scattered around the globe. Recently there has been a find in Pakistan which yields many large and very fine stones. More commercial qualities are found in Arizona, China.

Properties of Peridot

Color Yellow green
Refractive Index 1.65- 1.7
Chemistry Mag Ir Silicate
Hardness 6.5
Density 3.28-3.32
Crystal Group Orthorhombic

Color Therapy

Colors Planets Assigned
indigo Jupiter
white Moon
violet Saturn
blue Venus
green Moon
yellow Mercury
orange Sun
red Mars

Other Astral Remedies- Mantra (chanting of prayers to pacify the planets), Yantra (where a talisman is used to worship the planets) and Tantra (where mantras and materials are used in correlation to achieve one's objective.

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