Rules - Aries and Scorpio

Day - Tuesday

Colors - Maroon,red and sea-green


Mars rules the sex organs, bladder, muscular system, head, face, left ear, the sense of taste, blood poison, sexually transmitted diseases, haemorrhoids, burns, accidents, cuts, scalds, influenza, kidneys, inflammatory conditions.

The diameter of Mars is roughly 4200 miles and it is smaller to earth. The temperature of the planet is said to be very low. It is being doubted whether existence of human life is possible there .When viewed under a telescope, the Northern hemisphere appears as brown patches and the Southern parts as bluish-grey patches.

The cycle of Mars is similar to the Venus cycle, but rarely takes less than 6 weeks to travel through a sign and sometimes remaining for upto 6 months in one sign. The energy of Mars is vibrant and powerful and can easily override the energies of other planets especially in the case of men. Physical stamina, drive, aggression, and sexual needs all come under the rulership of Mars.

Mars rules physical energy and efforts. It describes the strength and direction of the physical force that drives your ego, fires your emotions, and encourages your mental endeavors and communicative skills. It describes male relationships and associations, risk-taking inclinations, and the physical challenges you are likely to encounter.

Mars has sudden, explosive and disruptive actions. It is the significator for brother, energy, courage, ambitions, desires and self-confidence. Practical nature, accidents, cuts wounds and operations are also ruled by Mars.

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