Colors - Grey

Element - Air


• Wounded healer

• Serving others

Chiron is a comet or planetoid or asteroid which is the ruling planet of the zodiac sign Ophiuchus. It is found orbiting between Saturn and Uranus but its orbit is quite erratic nature.

In a sense it bridges the Inner and the Outer planets of our solar system and is also termed as a Rainbow.

Chiron spends about 4 years in each zodiac house. In mythology Chiron is named after the Centaur (half animal and half human) who was a healer and a teacher who could not heal his wounds himself.

The glyph of Chiron is a key like symbol with an "O" and a "K" above it. This represent the Object Kowai which was its original name, named after its discoverer namely Charles Kowai in 1977. Chiron also represents the key to opening of some of the hidden secrets of our lives.

Chiron envisages us to overcome our animal nature and aim to serve humanity as a whole despite our inner wounds. Chiron in our natal chart points to our healing abilities and the areas where we suffer in life.

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