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Chiron was discovered on the1st November 1977, 10. 00 am, Pasadena, California by Charles T. Kowal.Its diameter is estimated at 100-400 kilometres.

Chiron stands at the bridge of the human world and the transpersonal world. Chiron, in mythology, was the wisest of the Centaurs. His stories are many, but all have the theme of the Wounded

Healer. There is much debate as to the assignation of rulership to Chiron. Some astrologers suggest Sagittarius and Scorpio, others Virgo and still others insist that it has no rulership at all.

Chiron in the natal chart often reveals wounds or hurts to the psyche that we have encountered but not assimilated in the very early stages of life. By knowing where Chiron lies in your natal chart, you can begin to approach your own healing - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual - more consciously and intentionally. Chiron also has to do with the development of compassion. Your Chiron sign and the associated themes can provide a deeper understanding of what drives you in your life, making the finding of peace a little bit easier.

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